Purple Maroc, Sweet Afghani Delicious (S.A.D.) (fast) Outdoor


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Feb 24, 2016
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Hi guys, just wanted to post a few pics of some plants grown in a medical garden in Eastern Washington outdoor (organically in homemade soil) off grid this season. They turned out gorgeous this year thanks to great growing weather. The purple marocs are first, and the SAD's are second. I also plan to start another thread where I can show off some autoflower stuff grown outdoor this season as well, if there's any interest. Please feel welcome to comment, as I love the feedback!!!
purp maroc 1 (leafer).JPG
purp maroc 1.1 (leafer).JPG
purp maroc 1.3 (leafer).JPG
purp maroc 1.4 (leafer).JPG
purp maroc 2.2 (queefer).JPG
purp maroc 2.9 (queefer).JPG
sad 1.1 (old midge).JPG
sad 4.13 (back).JPG
sad 1.6 (old midge).JPG
:drool: very nice Jay'- :d5: .... SAD grew nicely for me as well, sweet hashy-floral goodness! I'm interested in the PM too, as I now have some seeds of that strain, but little info from growers,.. a friend has seen mixed reviews of it,...:shrug:... bud:leaf ratio isn't the best from these pics, but I figure that's the Moroccan hash plant in her..? How was the aroma and potency? :biggrin:
.... dig the grow spot mate, lovely! That dry weather is key, ay? I imagine mold is a serious concern at time like it is for me, coastal central CA,...cool/humid sometimes, at the worst time :doh:... we got lucky this year, too bad half the state is of fire though! ..... :greenthumb: :slap:
Stunning plants!! Oh yeah want to see more sun grown beauties!! Please do share!