1. Humanrob

    Do you grow CBD strains?

    I'm surprised with all the publicity around the benefits of CBD, that there aren't more threads and conversations around them, even in the med section. I thought CBD represented a bigger part of the industry, but I guess I was misreading things. Based on seed availability, it doesn't seem like...
  2. T


  3. skuff

    Live Stoners Shits and giggles

  4. JM

    Live Stoners Anyone trying to heal some illness or ailment should hear this interview:

    Hope this helps you! JM
  5. VitaMan

    Dinafem Blue Cheese Auto Vape Report

    SeedBank : Dinafem Strain: Blue Cheese Automatic Synopsis: 4.5* ; Two pheno's; tasty and smooth; hits fast, powerful; long lasting. Indica pheno best IMO. Autoflower? 5 weeks Soil: 4.5 litre Recycled soil/coco blend Nutes: GH Floragrow, FloraBloom, KoolBloom, OverGrow, and a knock-off...
  6. MissUniverse

    Mephisto Genetics Epilepsy, growing, mephisto and time. A search for the perfect strain for seizures

    Hello everyone, as you know i am doing a dwc tyrone special to get some good bud and yield. This is being done with @A couple Growers but right now it's just me. The reason it's just me and why I had to come back before I wanted to is simple. The other half of the grow team had epilepsy and had...
  7. pop22

    Capsule Making Machine

    Many people are making canna caps. Loading them by hand is a real pain. And that's if you just make a few at a time. My lady and I take both canna and CBD caps daily. We consume a total of 330 caps a month. We've been using a Cap M Quick machine, it makes 24 at a time. Well now we take this...
  8. jaybird

    Sweet Seeds Sweet Afghani Delicious (S.A.D.) F1 Fast Version Outdoor Grow Sweet Seeds

    Hi guys, Just wanted to show off some Sweet Afghani Delicious (Sweet Seeds) F1 Fast Version grown this season in an outdoor medical garden in eastern Washington state (46 degrees N Latitude, 4000 ft Altitude). Grown organically, off-grid, in homemade soil. I would love any comments (fair or...
  9. jaybird

    Indoor Purple Maroc (Female Seeds) Outdoor Medical Grow

    Wanted to show off a couple of Purple Maroc (Female Seeds) ladies grown from seed this season off-grid in a medical garden in Eastern Washington (organically grown in homemade soil at 46 degrees N latitude and 4000 ft altitude). Its a shame you can't smell it through the screen, as it has an...
  10. jaybird

    Photography Purple Maroc, Sweet Afghani Delicious (S.A.D.) (fast) Outdoor

    Hi guys, just wanted to post a few pics of some plants grown in a medical garden in Eastern Washington outdoor (organically in homemade soil) off grid this season. They turned out gorgeous this year thanks to great growing weather. The purple marocs are first, and the SAD's are second. I also...
  11. wwwillie

    Medicinal use for marijuana confirmed: CBD helps kids with rare epilepsy

    Hey Now! Just came across this article on my tech forum. Scientifically sound double blind studies... Here is the article:
  12. wwwillie

    NEWS WWWillie and his medical card or How I became legal in Massachusetts.

    It's been a while, but I can remember most of it pretty clearly. Almost 15 years ago I had to give up using cannabis. My ex decided that she either wanted to make me even more miserable of just keep my children away from me... Regardless in order to see my kids I had to pass drug tests. I...
  13. C

    Indoor A bit of everything!

    hello family, long time no see.:jointman: I thought i'd get a thread started right away since im doing a lot better the last couple months than i have in the past couple years - so im pretty sure ill be around for a good while. Im sorry to say I do not have any pictures at the moment since my...
  14. Greensleeves

    Live Stoners G'day AFN Community

    Sup guys. I thought it was about time to introduce my self. So I said to my self. Self. I have been soaking up a lot of info for a few months, and all with out contributing at all to the community. Not cool. So here I am, a little late to the party, but as usual I'll be the last one...
  15. IndyLED

    Lighting Timber Grow Lights COB Based LED Fixtures

    This is a completed flower run with Cree CXB3590 "CB"bin 30g Emitters powered by Meanwell HLG 185H 1400B, Ledil silicon optics ,Dimmable Forced Air Intake/Exhaust upto 6sqft flower coverage area at 24inches from canopy Emerald Triangle Cotton Candy Cane grown 5gallon root pouch Coco/Perlite...