Second Grow: Amnesia Haze AF, Viparspectra600w LED, Apollo Tent, + L. Williamsii Seedlings

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Jul 19, 2017
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Hey guys :D

This'll be my second grow, with the first grow being in my sig below [Blue Mystic/L. Williamsii seedlings]. I plan to document things throughout, ask questions, learn, so on and so forth.

My first grow of the blue mystic I'll be chopping down here in less than a week as most of the trichomes become cloudy. I fudged up originally with that grow and stuck it in the 'indoor grow journals', when I should've stuck it in 'new growers' section, oh well. If you want to check that grow out - it's in the bottom in my signature.

On to the grow! :pass::headbang::vibe::coffee:

*Apollo Tent
*Viparspectra 600w LED
*Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
*Fox Farm Nutrient Trio
*1-0-0 CaliMagic CalMag

Wanted to test the FFOF soil in-bag before starting, I did 3 separate tests throughout different areas of the bag and all resting around 6.8-6.9. This was the same bag I used for my Blue Mystic during seedling/first grow, so we'll see how she does. I also added 30% or so more perlite to the FFOF soil.


Firstly I began by soaking a papertowel in Superthrive solution per seedlings: two drops per 250ml distilled water. I then folded the seed several times within the papertowel, putting it gently into the tupperware container, closed tightly and stuck above the wireless router for a bit of warmth. Literally started this germination at 8pm that night and by the following morning around 7am the amnesia haze had already sprouted a faaaat tail :D. I think the superthrive/paper towel combo will be my new germination method. :cool1::cool1:



Took about 48 hours, give or take - from the time I planted the germinated amnesia haze til what you see in the pictures today. Seems all is on course! Just gently keeping moist the outer perimeter of the seedling around it's base with distilled h2o.




The L. Williamsii seedlings [peyote] are somewhat uneventful currently, they are just incredibly slow to get to maturity, so I'll skip those for right now and focus on the Amnesia Haze. If you want to check those out - the link in my signature goes over their journey so far.

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Subbed mate, thanks for the tag, your Blue Mystic is a beautiful plant so I'm looking forward to what you gonna do with this one :d5::thumbsup:.

Tell me, which seedbank is that Amnesia?
Hey dude, off to a good start :pop: :woohoo1:

Loving the germ method. I may have to try that as I've been making a right balls up of it recently.

Good luck mate :thumbsup: :vibe:

Hey man thanks for stopping in brother. :D

Yeah, I figured I'd give that germination method a shot, saw it off a grower off youtube. :smoking::cheers:

Subbed mate, thanks for the tag, your Blue Mystic is a beautiful plant so I'm looking forward to what you gonna do with this one :d5::thumbsup:.

Tell me, which seedbank is that Amnesia?

Hey man, thanks for the kind words and subb'n up! :d5::bighug:

Yeah, I'm pumped to see how this'll go, figure I'd use all the same stuff that I'd used in the first grow with the BM - since I have sort've a feel for how autos can react to their stuff; though I know there's different factors with each grow, especially seed genetics, though hopefully having a slight grasp on using these nutes will help me in the end with this amnesia haze. Think I'll do LST again, though definitely going to start that earlier on than lasttime.

The seeds are from Nirvana btw. :vibe::drunks:
I believe if you read the super thrives label it says it's derived from kelp so using a kelp meal tea or kelp extract such as guaranteed seaweed extract that I get locally in Maine would do the same job if not better imho chears

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Well bought a pot from a local garden supply store, the label just has the size in inches, though it looks roughly 5gal or so. I went up and pretty much mixed up the rest of my FFOF with about 30% more perlite. Got the drill out and drilled several 3/8 holes, then taking some smaller rocks/gravel from around the area to line the bottom 4 corners of the pot - allowing some nice drainage flow. :coffee::cool1:





Next took a pair of garden snippers and carefully cut down the peat pot on both sides, then spreading/opening the peat pot up a bit more in order to grab the cylindrical clump of dirt. Then took a spare peat cup and made a nicely formed hole in the pot before transplanting. Totally wasn't thinking for a moment and got some water droplets on the seedling, then proceeding to blow on the seedling to get the water off I blew some FFOF soil on it lolll. Got most of the soil off, dusting it off with a tiny soft bristled brush. Sorry this picture I ended up capturing the dirty leaves before I cleaned them off. :biggrin:




Lastly is the blue mystic that I'll be chopping down here pretty pretty soon. :drool::headbang: