Indoor Smorf's 2x2x5ft tent-100w closet case

Dec 13, 2015
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Welcome and thanks for checking out my journal.
This is my first tent. Excited to be upgrading from only micro grows:smoking:

Heres the setup:
Secret jardin ds60 (2x2x5ft)
Spectrum king 100w closet case
4x8 phresh filter
4in vortex fan
Active air fan speed controller
2 six inch clip on fans

This first run with the tent is to see if i can pull off a nice variety stash to smoke on but i will probably end up doing one three gallon pot or something else simple in the future.

I will be using GO biothrive bloom and GO camg+ if needed but im using gbd soil, roots organic original with ewc and dolomite lime, recharge, mammoth p and optic foliar overgrow.

Right now i have a few things finishing up in this tent that were from my 2x2x2ft tent that is no longer set up, a mumbling dragon in a one liter air pot, shortstuff [HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG] also in a one liter air pot, and a dutch passion auto blueberry in a half gallon pot. Some of these will finish in this tent and the ss1 or auto bb will finish in my micro speaker.

The main event: lol
Today i just put a blue toof in a one gallon pot, hbbss in a two gallon, sodk x fantasmo express in a two gallon, and hopefully this double grape will crack open soon and go into a one gallon pot.
Also a reg seed mumbling dragon in a half gallon pot that i will move into the micro speaker to collect pollen from, either male or sts a female.

Im going to move my power strip outside of the tent soon.
Im open to all thoughts or suggestions.
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how are your temps in there? looking good and getting a variety is also a plus. or what kind of heat does the light produce? thinking about adding a little more light but, cant run any extraction at the moment.
ok yea im sitting at 85 at the hottest with everything sealed in so maybe i will just see how this works out. I have read that 90 isnt that bad if you can supplement with co2, im going to give a mushroom bag ago and see how they respond since they are not getting much fresh air.
Got the double grape in the dirt now and moved the power strip and all cords outside of the tent. Super clean now:smoking:
Heres a pic of the dark devil i cut down yesterday and hung the whole plant. Trimmed all the big fans off today. I think one more day hanging in the speaker before she goes into paper bags.
Im guessing around 15g. She was a mutant and had some issues but turned out good still i think, cant wait to try some.:pass:
Anyone know of any cheap or diy (pantyhose?) dust filters for the intake that could slip over the intake duct? I guess i will just slide a pantyhose over it for now. Edit: seems like the pantyhose is a good enough option and will keep most stuff like hairs, etc out.
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