Live Stoners When do you switch to a flowering light?

Oct 13, 2017
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I know it may sound like a dumb question but when do you normally switch lighting? I've always assumed it was when the pistels are showing but it seems like I could have vegged a week longer. I'm using a blue CFL then switching to red when the pistels show.


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If it's a autoflower, you can keep the light on 20-4 or 18-6. My autos I run my lightS on 20-4 from start to finish
Cheers dude, I keep the lights on 24-0 but wondered whens the optimal time to switch from blue to red When the pistels first show or when it looks like colas are beginning to form?
Once you see it starting to flower is fine for blue and reds. I myself run my light on veg and flower from the start of growing be surprised how many peop,e do that. Do more research, you might find that a different answer for CFL's I only have ever used LED. Is this your first grow. How do you like the CFL's I thought about supplementING my LED at the lower growth of my plants that don't get a lot of light. Do they get real hot.
This will be my 5th grow but I was previously growing in a converted chest of draws but I couldn't keep the temp under control so I'm using a walk in cupboard now. I'm finding the CFL'S are ok but not great unless the plant is LST'd. I want to upgrade to LED'S but it's a budget issue as I don't want to risk buying cheap ones just incase their shocking. I wouldn't say they get real hot and there meant to be good for supplemental lighting
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How close do you have to keep them away from the plant.I would like to buy so e COBS, but I would need 4 of them. Theres a guy on here that makes his own and for others. They will cost me $465.00 just not in the budget right now. You growing in soil or hydro
I myself run my light on veg and flower from the start of growing
Before I switched to all cobs, I used to run full spectrum start to finish with my previous mass built led lights. My grows consistently finished quicker than seed breeders stated times.
The pic looks like definite bud formations. A lot of times when that change occurs I will do one feed with 50/50 veg/bloom nutes, then all bloom nutes to the end. Lots of people do their tweaking when vertical growth stops.
Is it ok to give 0-50-30 and Cal Mag at the same time