Whole plant going lime green?

Jul 10, 2021
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Hello all,
This is an AK47 auto grow, and its been going well for the most part. But now a few weeks into flowering the whole plant is turning light green.
Should I worry about this or just let it ride until harvest? The tips have had a light brown burn on them for a while. My guess is that I have at least a few more weeks until she's done.
Ive been overwatering since the beginning, and probably over feeding as well, so it could be lockout, but most things (visually at least) seem to point to Nitrogen deficiency, which would require the total opposite treatment from overwatering.
Anyone want to weigh in here? thanks!
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Please fill in this form: (copy and paste part is below, this first one tell what specifically to include)

-Problem: (brief description)
-Medium/grow method: soil; soilless-- coco, or peat based like Promix, etc. (please provide the actual product name); DWC, NFT, etc.
-Feed and supplements used: include brand, dosage/strength, frequency of feeding and watering (alone); method-- by hand, drippers, rercirc' or drain-to-waste,... N-P-K #'s too if you can!
-Water source: RO/DI; tap- dechlorinated-?..... EC or TDS reading; pH (don't bother with this on RO/DI, do bother with TDS/EC though to confirm it's working well enough)
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-Additional info: PH in the root zone. How long have the plants been affected?...How fast did symptoms appear?... Anything else you think might be relevant..

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Medium/grow method:

Feed: and supplements used:

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Sorry guys. As you can tell this is my first time asking for help. I didn’t realize there was a special format.
No so much a special format, just a basic copy/pasteable that's straight forward in the information needed to give proper help. Without it, the problem could be made worse.

Hopefully your girl's on a better path! If not, have at it, with added info so someone can help!
I think I got it sorted. I’ll know about the detailed post format for my next help request. Thanks!!