Zambeza Powerplant XL Auto in 1 liter Airpot


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Oct 15, 2017
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Greetings my fellow autoflower enthusiasts :toke:

A while ago i was looking for cheap autoflower seeds for a challenge/experimental 1 Liter grow and my first try at coco.
The decision fell onto Powerplant XL Auto from Zambeza.

One tiny seed was put in tapwater with 0.5ml/liter BioBizz Algamic (careful with Algamic it has 50 times the manganese dose recommended for plants! I found that out reading the backside of the label sticker after having problems with another plant i watered with Algamic regularly).

Took only 6 hours for the seed to drop to the bottom of the vessel used for soaking and it got planted into BioBizz Coco-Mix stating 100 EC on the bag but my meter actualy read 3000 :eek1: when i was checking the runoff a few days later worried about slow seedling development.
The 1 liter Airpot with the poor seedling was rinsed down to EC 500.

BioBizz seem desperate to murder my plants so far :wall:
Runoff pH never changed to my surprise it was 6.8 at the begin of the grow and is still 6.8 after a few additional flushings but the plant began to thrive anyways so i stopped caring.

For nutrition Atami B'Cuzz Coco A&B,Root Stimulator,Bloom Stimulator,Coco Universal Booster is used with a pinch of epsom salt and 6 drops/liter Canna Mono Calcium @ 5.8 pH controlled with Tetra Fish KH/pH Down (hydrochloric and sulfuric acid).

Light used is 105w TGL-STAR 100 COB and Vipaspectra 300w (135w) blurple LED.

The plant got defoliated multiple times, stems that were growing too high for my limited space were supercropped then held down by wire.
I tried FIMing but i fear it was too late in development or i did it wrong.

For such a tiny pot with only 1 liter volume i am amazed at the plant vigor and growth so far.
Here some pictures of the girl at day 41.
Excited how this will turn out and curious to look at the roots after the grow. :coffee:


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here a Little update in Pictures shot from new tent :d5:


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Day 62 - today exactly 2 month from seed and i could chop it down right now! it has been flushed for the last few days with tapwater only
the end of flower development came super quick which is this strains Thing but that was probably even boosted by me forgetting to water for a day :shrug:
buds came out relatively small but very compact with dark brown hairs and completely covered in tiny trichomes (tiny compared to the usual trichome size)

i attached some more Pictures before chopping the plant in 1-2 days and the next update will be with the final


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I chopped it down on day 61 exactly unlike i said above.
it has been drying for 3 days which did not take long as i have pretty low humidity.
the buds just got into the jar to cure filling a 2 Liter jar so quite a nice harvest for only 1 Liter pot!!

here are some final Pictures of the plant and the harvest

2017-11-05 00.57.24.jpg 2017-11-04 23.43.15.jpg 2017-11-04 23.38.52.jpg WP_20171108_002.png WP_20171108_004.png

this was my first zambeza grow and it has been a pleasure from fair pricing of the seeds to fast and vigorous growth of the plant without Problems.
the final dry weight at 62% in the jar is 90g !
Very nice, something similar as my first 1L coco pot - 81g dry.
how to make hash the easy guide:


cracking grow,pretty buds to.