1. July 3rd ~ (week 7)

    July 3rd ~ (week 7)

    :smoking: Happy 4th of July~! Here's another grow update for the holiday weekend and a peak at these girls starting to flower. This week I started adding the floraflex bloom (b1/b2) for the autopots and mixed up 2 gallons into the reservoir. I will ramp up the dosing next week and only added 2...
  2. Yucreepin

    New Grower Gorilla Blue - Advanced Seeds

    How’s it going guys, first time doin it since I was a kid - where I had super limited space and didn’t really have a clue! ...managed to grow some of the best I’ve ever smoked though. (Think it helps being you’ve grown it yourself). So I’ve got a small selection of autoflowers from different...
  3. parsing_trees

    Grow Room Preparing 1L airpots for wicking

    I've been growing in 1L airpots in coco, watering the tray and letting them wick it up (bottom-feeding). Here's how I set up my airpots: First, because the base sits in the space between the inward facing holes, there's a small air gap at the bottom. Eventually the roots will grow past this...
  4. Terra Firma

    Seed Stockers 5 Blackberry Gum Auto's in a SCROG (COBS + Mega Crop)

    Hi everyone, this is my first ever Seed Stockers grow! I normally grow Dutch Passion Auto's. I'm switching over to Greenleaf Nutrients for this grow. My tap water is pretty hard (pH8.6 and EC0.5) and contains a lot more Calcium than Magnesium. I hope that this doesn't screw up the ideal Cal:Mag...
  5. EelGrows

    New Grower An Assortment of Owls(6x Night Owl Seeds(Daz.mephisto))

    Hello everyone! short intro bout myself can be found here: Anyhow, this is my second indoor grow. Hope you will enjoy! @420Forever @beavis @Soulflower @EPDMGUY hope you don't mind me taggin you all :tigerhug: Details: Tent Setup...
  6. GreenMersh

    New Grower Forgotten Cookies from Mephisto. 2nd grow ever.

    A forgotten Cookies from Mephisto Genetics. I started off by letting the seed soak in a shot glass of Phd water of 6.4 for 18 hours, seed finally sunk and began to crack open, planted the seed in a 16oz solo cup of FF Happy frog soil using this instatransplant method I read in a forum on here...
  7. LordGreenWood

    Indoor auto sticky beast and auto white widow ;)

  8. markascannabis

    New Grower First grow Mephisto Sour Livers Day 49

    My first plant in my first legal grow. Mephisto Sour Livers seed dropped in water on 01/29/2019 and into rapid rooter starter cube in seed tray on heating mat after 24 hours. Potted into super soil in 7 gal airpot with DIY soil & plant saucer aeration/multiple root zone system on Day 7. Lights...
  9. IRE420

    Outdoor Mephisto and Dutch Passion, Greenhouse 2019

    Hello everyone. :welcome: I'm new to the forum and I am super excited to start my 3rd outdoor grow with some super genentics from mephisto, I'm sure I'll be a mephhead afterwards:smoking: I will be growing one illuminauto Bubbasqaunch and either Critical Orange Punch or Glue Berry OG from...
  10. LordGreenWood

    OLD REVIEWS Blow Mind Auto

    SeedBank : SWEET SEEDS Strain: Blow Mind Auto Did it autoflower?: Y/N yes , around day 20 ish Soil/hydro: soil biobizz light mix , 10 l air pot Nutes: easy Tang shedule , advanced nutrients Light (kind and schedule): led hans panel 150 w From seed to harvest date: __days 75 ish...
  11. A couple Growers

    Mephisto Genetics Grape Crinkle Small Tent 3 Gallon Airpot General Hydroponics Nutes

    Hello everyone, we are a couple growers. One of us has an alt nick here but is letting us post under one account to keep the clutter down so we know which we are doing together. Set up Light: Mars Hydro 300 Grow Space: 24*24*36inch tent Soil: Promix Container: Airpot 3gal Seeds: Mephisto Grape...
  12. G

    New Grower Auto Northern Lights & Dinafem Haze Auto CBD

    (EDIT: Posted in the wrong new growers forum. My apologies. If it can be moved, please move it. Otherwise, I can recreate it in the right forum.) I am doing this late. I have almost finished both grows. I will probably post some of the pictures that I took throughout the journey. I have them to...
  13. Sony

    Indoor Zambeza Powerplant XL Auto in 1 liter Airpot

    Greetings my fellow autoflower enthusiasts :toke: A while ago i was looking for cheap autoflower seeds for a challenge/experimental 1 Liter grow and my first try at coco. The decision fell onto Powerplant XL Auto from Zambeza. One tiny seed was put in tapwater with 0.5ml/liter BioBizz Algamic...
  14. IraqJack


    So it has been some time since I've posted ANYTHING, and I even was that asshole who left a grow journal incomplete.... meh. My apologies, and anyone who follows this thread, don't worry, I won't leave you hanging. I will go into detail on er' thang. I have spruced up my grow space, and am in a...
  15. J

    New Grower Cabinet grow 5 plants 1L Airpots. Advice needed

    Day 7 on my dwarf autflowers... this is my first time grow and all seems well so far. I will post more pics as time goes on and plants grow. Need advice on how high to keep led away from plants tho! Running a 40w red blue panel. I had it about 10 inches above plants but noticed the stems...
  16. LordGreenWood

    Dinafem Here we grow again with Dinafem :)

    hello all :coffee: its time too start some new beans :d5: all autos from dinafem :bighug: tent 60*60*1.60 + 200 watt led panel + 1 mobydick xxl in 15 l airpot tent 90*60*180 + marshydro pro 2 160 epistar + 1 haze cbd in 15 l airpot and a blue cheese in 10 l airpot a link to my 200w led panel...
  17. Slowmo

    Henriette is looking poorly

    Hello all good AFN's im a bit worried about henriette She's under led (mars hydro) 24c temp 50% relative humidity day 33. she seems very light green Im having a hard time. she has burned tips but looks starved for nutrients.. i could be totally wrong, and it's a lockout.. she is not...
  18. LordGreenWood

    Sweet Seeds On the grow with Sweet Seeds

    howdy :) just a fews pics of my 2 auto Blow Mind ( in the 55ish days ) and there is an automazar (DP ) in the back ..
  19. LordGreenWood

    Sweet Seeds Sad auto , airpot 6 l + hans panel 150w

    howdy there a few pics of this baby lady , going on the 3.5 weeks , she's looking good so far :smoking:
  20. Ledsicon

    Dutch Passion DP Auto Colorado cookies day 79 or 80 harvest time of pheno 1

    here is my auto Colorado cookies in airpot 11l With Coco at day 79 or 80 from seed, this is the taller pheno 1 and left for harvest is pheno 2 a little Shorter