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A long time cannabis fan, I've tried and enjoyed just about everything. Pax-style battery vapes, hash pens, joints, gravity bongs made outta two liters and 10mm ratchets. Bowls with hash, dabs, hot knives. Love pot. Love the dynavap! Might be my favorite!

Over the past few years I quit cigarettes and basically quit smokin anything. Been a primary volcano guy, big cloudy tasty bags from heated up bud. Huge thing is depth of flavor, efficiency second. Backyard joints have a romantic novelty, but at the end of the day they waste a ton of pot and lose so much taste.

Dynavap, when used well, matches or exceeds volcano in efficiency. Dynavap is a very very very close second to volcano in taste - losing some points for consistency/ease of use to the allmighty Cano. Importantly, Dynavap is able to provide full taste for tiny doses. Cano can dose quite small, but at small dynavap bowl sized doses Cano is too thin in my opinion.

Demerits go to a rough onboarding/learning process. It's totally worth it, but it takes some learnin. It's like driving a stick shift. Initial wall of a learning curve that feels great once it "clicks". You'll enjoy the perfect control on heat, pull, and timing to grab tasty bites of bud. Also like driving stick, you can occasionaly make mistakes (grind gears) by missing timing windows. Overcook that oven and it will be grossssss and require a cleaning cycle!

The cleaning breakdown is where Dynavap goes from rising star to hall of famer. It breaks apart super intuitively and intelligently. A little alcohol, paper towel, water rinse, done. The screen design feels like living in a future comic book. Performance after cleaning was 100%

I highly recommend Dynavap to anyone who wants to try a modern take on the classic "one hitter". Like the baseball bat outta the dugout Dynavap allows you to take a nice nip of your tasty carefully cured homegrown buds. The purity of taste will keep you coming back even if you have a glorious Cano sitting right next to it.

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Dynavap M21
  • Not electric, can use anywhere.
  • Needs a small torch to use.
I and almost every pot smoker I know uses and have used tobacco with cannabis for decades, and it's not been good for our lungs. Here in the north of England we inhale and hold it in for as long as possible, nearly 40 years ago I started with Red Seal and BnH and now my lungs are damaged. I'm not complaining, but I have to stop smoking. I have had a go and bought (me and a pal who has lung cancer) a few vaporisers, but frankly we found them to be rubbish. The Volcano was stupid expensive at £250, and we just don't get very high with it, it's a party piece, a novelty,I feel self conscious holding the massive bag. We also tried the Pax and the Pro Storm2, whilst these we felt are better than the Volcano, you need spare batteries to use them and you still don,t get very high. The Dynavap works much better for me, you can take it anywhere, it uses a tiny amount of weed, or concentrate, if you by the special coil.I use a single small flame torch and get 5 'hits' without scorching the bud, going low temp to high temp a little bit each time (right to left). You can even make BHO with the vaped bud.Anyway using the dynavap is very familiar ground for pot smokers, you get similar effects, although oddly for me the high has a pronounced 'spiritual' feel. You can use it with almost any heat source, clippers, candles, twigs from a camp fire ect. My pal doesn't use his dynavap as he can't hear the click, he's using BHO and a dab rig - and a blow torch! I haven't given up smoking yet, me and my partner are quitting together. Heavy pot heads from the North of England will struggle to find equivalent effects with vapes, the Dynavap is surely worth a try as it has definitely stronger effects.

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