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This little 300 dollar e rig is something after the first couple days I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my money on. It pulls like it has an air leak and the battery leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe get ten to twelve rounds out of each full charge and those take about an hour and change.
The proxy is basically a capsule that drops into whichever device you’re trying to smoke from. It comes with a glass piece that the pipe slides right into for mobile expeditions, but I’ve found that buying a banger for the proxy and using ut as an e rig has been by far the best experience I’ve had dabbing rosin. The push button simplicity of the Proxy while combined with a banger (or any other compatible table top water rig) and my frit disk is exactly what I’m after. The Proxy is easy to use and give a solid result. The adjustable temp settings make it easy to not overheat my rosin and it gives me just what I want with very little effort.
The Proxy comes with a cool zip up case that will definitely protect your gear and also has some dab tools/cleaning devices as you’ll need to clean your proxy every couple battery cycles in order to keep it hitting like MLB, but if you take care of her she’ll take care of you. As battery tech and dab tech progress it’s not crazy to think they might make something that lasts more than ten cycles, but the proxy doesn’t loose power as she gets low on battery. She works 100% until she don’t then you gotta recharge. For that I’m grateful as lots of other erigs start to crap out long before the battery indicator lets me know it’s time.
That’s my two cents!!

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