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The AirVape Legacy Pro is a discreet vapourizer designed in the USA. It utilizes hybrid heating that quickly reaches temp in less than 20 seconds, and offers Session and On Demand modes of operation.

It comes equipped with a high quality 3200mah 18650 that is user replaceable, that offers a lengthy amount of vaping time per charge. Charging is made possible by way of the USB-C port located on the side of device, or simply uninstall the battery and top it off in your personal external charger. It has adjustable heat settings from 212°F - 464°F. Inside the device it has a .3 gram gold plated bowl, a boro silicate vapour path tube insert, and black ceramic mouthpiece. Both the boro tube and mouthpiece are removable for easy cleaning.

The fit and finish is superb, and the vegan Leather Trim not only adds grip, but also adds an elegant aesthetic to the design. After handling the device, it becomes quite obvious that it is high end. It has a bit of heft, but is not overly weighty. It comes with everything you need out of the box. You will find all the extras included in the video below.

After spending a good amount of time with the Legacy Pro, I have found that is very efficient in battery life, and vapour extraction. With available dosing capsules and loading tool options, it is a breeze to setup your herb for your daily medicating rotation.

It produces cool, flavourful puffs. And in my opinion ranks as one of the best at that. It can also be used for concentrates as well, but is slower at the process due to the limited temperature. Despite, concentrate flavours are crisp. But dry herb is where it shines most IMO...

Overall the Legacy Pro is a stellar device IMO, and is a precise bit of engineering. I feel that it is exceedingly worthy to be in ranks of top tier vapourizer devices.

If you're interested in purchasing an AirVape Legacy Pro device for your medicating needs, just click the link below to be directed to the site...

Already own a registered Go or X? Then you can take advantage of AirVape's upgrade program and receive a 30-50% discount on your upgrade!

Thank you for taking the time to look over my review!
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