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The Wand by Ispire is a portable Dab Rig attachment that utilizes induction heating technology. Offering two modes of operation; Session, and On Demand, and equipped with dual 18650 batteries that insures a lengthy time of operation. The device boasts enough amperage to maintain consistency in functionality until the batteries are completely drained.

The basic box contains everything you need to get started. Included is The Wand device with two pre installed 18650 batteries, two Bangers, two induction cups for concentrates, carb cap, and charging cable.


The device temp settings range from 250°F - 800°F, yet it is not a precise temp control device. It functions by a calculated amount of time that heat is applied to the banger to raise to the desired temp. Even so, I find that the device most definitely feels in range of the desired temp, and the vaping experience to be stellar when used properly. It produces a crisp and clean flavour, and is able to handle a very reasonable amount of product per sesh.


Operating the device is simple. Imbedded in the wall of the boro induction cup, is the stainless steel element. You place the induction cup in the Banger, and slip the Wand device over the Banger. Then click 5 times to turn it on, select temp, and click twice to begin the 50 second heat up cycle. When the device stops flashing during warm-up, it's ready to add the concentrate. A key element behind correct usage is the user must allow the the device to completely run it's course until the Banger is to temp. Any sooner, and the flavour can be muddled.


Overall, I think it is a great device that does exactly what it is intended to do. If your looking for a combustion free way to enjoy your Dabs, with the flexibility of using your own rig...Then The Wand by Ispire may be for you.

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Happy Dabbing!


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