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Ethos, Purple Thai Auto Rbx1

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Purple Thai Auto Rbx1 is a very easy cultivar to grow organically from sprout to harvest. She did demand a bit more nitrogen(veg nutes) through flower than others, so take note. Measuring about 40 inches in height at her 74 day finish. I consider her a quick finish cultivar relative to her medium stature.

She produced medium sized high density buds, stacked from the bottom up that were not the largest I've seen. But likewise not the smallest either. Her resin and trichome production was far above average..She yeilded 152.9 grams of solid, fragrant buds.


On the nose while she matured, and after cure. She carries a Lemon Balm esque aroma, mixed with spicy incense and sweet anise bubblegum. In the vape the flavour is no less. She is smooth and exceedingly pleasant on the palate in my opinion. The flavour lingers on the back of tongue for a good amount of time. She produces a relaxing body sensation that is accompanied by an uplifting euphoric Sativa Cerebral head high that seems to last and last. She's great for daytime pain management.

Overall, I do particularly like this cultivar and I highly recommend her if the terp profile, and effects appeal to you. I plan to raise her again in the near future as her pleasant uplifting daytime effects are stellar! And great for marching headlong through the day..

I highly recommend this cultivar for medical users seeking uplifting anti depressant effects.

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