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Wafting notes of her notorious creamy Dark Chocolate and Gassy Diesel, Mephistoreoz proved to me that she not only lives up to the name, but is a greatly improved version of her Photo parent predecessor; Third Coast Genetics, Oreoz. Mephistoreoz has captured and carried on the legacy of beautiful hues, and has exemplified every nuance of her aroma to it's maximum potential.


In the garden, she easily thrived on basic organic dry amendments, and demanded extra Calcium support to fill the needs of stretch as her multiple colas climbed to a beastly 47 inches. She became thirstier than average as she demanded 1.5 gallons of water a day in mid flower at moderate temps. During this time her trichome coverage multiplies exponentially day after day, leaving her caked in a silvery white blanket that extends outward to the leaves. Her aroma becomes increasingly difficult to contain week after week, and as harvest drew nearer her extreme gassiness overwhelmed the exhaust filter.


She's not at all shy of intense light, in fact it's almost as if she begs for it. She has an ability under proper conditions to withstand a full spectrum of photons nearing 1000PPFD without CO2 supplementation.


Her dry weight did not disappoint. In 85 days, she produces a very generous amount of rock solid golf ball sized Creamy, Chocolatey, and Gaseous Diesel smelling nugs from top to bottom.



She is an extract connoisseurs dream on the Rosin Press. She's a high return cultivar, and a high-quality producer. She yields a consistent 20-24% return of extremely narcotic aromatic Rosin that when processed at lower temps tends to be crumbly, yet slightly greasy. Her effects lean Sativa. She has a very powerful energizing, brightening, euphoric cerebral that lasts for hours. But then does eventually settle into a warm body numbing sensation. Her smooth loud terps are an absolute pleasure that sticks to the back of the palate for a lengthy time.

Making a comparison as having raised her Photo Parent in the past. I think that she is an outstanding auto conversion rendering completely capturing every aspect of her parent, and vastly improving upon them. From her all around structure, to her aroma. Overall, she's an easy growing cultivar given the proper space. She's easy on the eye with her much desired bag appeal, and her screaming loud dankness will leave you reaching for another drag despite her powerful effects. In my opinion, she's one of the best new auto's worked by Mephisto to date.


Thank you for taking the time to look over my review, and special thanks to @stan_mephisto & the Mephisto Genetics Team for allowing me the great pleasure of testing this fine cultivar!

Happy Growing!


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