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Jean-O's Root Beer Float S2 Auto Review

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Root Beer Float is a rapid climbing vigorous cultivar. She doesn't require much defoliation, and she behaves much like a Sativa. Under the right lighting, I believe she could reach 6-7 ft tall if left unrestrained. She thrives being fed organic dry ammendments, but demands a tad more nitrogen and calcium through flower. She takes on a Safrole and cream aroma early on, that strengthens with hints of fuel through to the end. During flowering, she becomes very colourful. She presents with hues of mauve pink, purples, blacks, and reds in her foliage and buds. She provides a heavy generous yield, as her buds become large, very rock solid dense, and heavily trichome covered. Lower branches need support as the buds become heavy enough to eventually cause them to droop to the ground.


In a vape, she's very smooth. Her Root Beer and Cream nuances mixed with fuel, are a unique experience. She's a creeper, as her full effects aren't immediately apparent and intensify 5 or so minutes after a sesh. At 20%+ ambering, her effects are quite couch locking, with a cerebral edge that is long lasting once they've taken hold.


Her heavy trichome coverage means she's a stellar cultivar for rosin extracts, exhibiting a 25% yield. Her Root Beer and Cream flavours are very very pronounced in her rosin, and remain smooth.

She was a real treat to grow, and I am very pleased with her overall. She's a unique cultivar, that surprises you with her aroma, beautiful appearance, and generous yields in just 90 days. I highly recommend trying Jean-O's, Root Beer Float!

Thanks for looking over my review!

Happy growing!

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