mars hydro

  1. Druid

    Indoor Hello again, and thanks for all the fish.

    Let's start at the end. About three years ago I stopped growing weed altogether. I had the idea right after reading some news about new legislation in my country, now some of you may have had an inkling already but now I can officially come out of the closet: I am.. german. I know, it shocked me...
  2. RQS Fruit Spirit Photoperiod

    RQS Fruit Spirit Photoperiod

    Hey folks! I have a bit more time on my hands to take of my plants, so I'll get a couple of photoperiods going. A mix of blueberry and white widow, it was apparently bred by RQS in partnership with an musical artist whose name I completely forgot. Despite being Indica dominant, it is supposed to...
  3. janefossey

    Bubble Tricks by Twenty20 Mendocino

    The grow: I grew 2 Bubble Tricks in 5 gal fabric pots with organic soil and nutrients under a Marshydro TSL2000. They both were healthy and vigorous growers, though their structure was a bit different. Both had nice branching, but one was a bit taller and lanky (BT2), while the other was squat...
  4. Marshydro

    Mars Hydro Mars Hydro’s first giveaway of 2024 is here!!! 🎁

    @ All plant lovers :ht: The first giveaway event of 2024 has begun. Believe us, you don’t want to miss it. Come and join it! :cooldance: To be entered👇 1. Like this thread to show your support. 2. Follow us to stay updated on all things plant-related. 3. Tag 1 grower friend. 4.Share your...
  5. MarsHydro FC-3000

    MarsHydro FC-3000

    I've been running the Marshydro FC-3000 for over a year now figured better late then never to do a review for it I've grown a few happy gorgeous plants under it in a 3x3. I really can't say anything bad about the light as it has ran flawlessly. I am a huge fan of the bar style lights with the...
  6. Lil Dab

    Indoor Lil Dab's Earthboxes and Organics
    Threadmarks: Germination

    Alright folks time for a new journal dropped some new beans today Citrus Noir x Stone99 V6, Gorilla Punch, Durban Twist, and 99 Skunks. CN x S99v6 and 99S in the JR's and the other 2 will get transplanted into 5 gallon TLS 2.0 Coda bags. Everyone got watered in with Kelp, Humic, Omina, Amino...
  7. Mars Hydro

    Mars Hydro

    From WHY CHOOSE MARS HYDRO 10+year Manufacturer (Direct) Professional Sales Team - As the manufacturer of Mars Hydro, we sell at the lowest price directly from the factory to customers at a moderate cost. 10+ years of experience with global growers provide us with...
  8. R Wayne

    Indoor 2 Girls 1 Box: JeanO, Twisted Tree + Night Owl in a Jr.

    Good Morning, afternoon, or evening depending on where you may be at. This will be my 5th run and Ive chosen to grow exclusively in Earthboxes. Lets get to it. Equipment: 39"x39"x72" Mars Hydro Grow tent Mars Hydro FC-e3000 AC Infinity 6" Cloud Line Fan w/ automated system 1 Earthbox Jr. 1...
  9. Week 4

    Week 4

    Decided to try topping and so far plant is growing great. Don't know if I should cut the fan leaves on the bottom off.
  10. Week 3

    Week 3

    Week three is going good, started watering with nutrients . Going with sensi bloom two-part ph perfect . Going with the bloom and not the grow to see hiw well it grows. Using the b52, cal mag and voodoo juice as well from advance nutrients. Saw alot of growth this week .
  11. Day 76

    Day 76

    Chopped down the smallest of the 3 plants and is now drying. Did a wet trim on a small bud to see how it looked. Buds on the other two plants are starting to get bigger now and I finally got the ppms under control now after flushing for a week.
  12. Day 69

    Day 69

    The smallest of the three plants will be ready to harvest this week or beginning of next week. The other two still have about a month left . All three are going past the 9 week grow period. Been drinking alot more water but still having problems with the ppm still being very high in the run...
  13. R Wayne

    Indoor R Wayne's Can't Stop Wont Stop Grow

    So I now have 3 grows under my belt, 1 soil/bottled nute grow and 2 organic "living soil" grows. This time I will be trying something new. A light soil with Grow Dots and Recharge in Rain Science Bags. Big thanks to @Dankerson for keeping a thorough journal and answering my questions. I will be...
  14. First ever grow

    First ever grow

    5x5 mars hydro fc-e 8000 20-4 First ever grow day 21 on largest 7
  15. Boradan

    Indoor Boradans RDWC Photoperiods

    After a few years not growing (and not taking down my tent in the spare bedroom during this time), I got roped back into growing by 'inheriting' 3 photos that had just entered flowering. Managed to finish them even though they were in soil, which I have never used :vibe: Needless to say, this...
  16. Shugrows

    Indoor Shu’s grow that goes on and on my friends.

    Im going to start just putting all my grows in this thread instead of each plant having there own. Im going to start it off with this little girl here. She is a wicked witch by magic. she is in soil that a plant hermied at like day 25 or so. Pulled her watered the pot let it sit for a day...
  17. DeeDoubleYou

    New TS1000 LUX measurment

    Thought I would post for the autoflower Fam. Here is the lux at 12” and 100% power. The second shot is from underneath next to two ‘22 spider farmer SF1000’s
  18. Minime2020

    Indoor Forbidden runtzs and cash crop

    Hay everyone this is My indoor grow I have 2 cash crop and 1 forbidden runtzs, These are grown in coco and I'm using canna nutrients The lights are Mars hydro 1 is 3 weeks the others are a little behind at two and one week Thought I could do this grow without a journal but I didn't know how...
  19. Grimmus

    Best light 2022 $500-$1500 budget

    I'm looking to upgrade one of my 5x5s lights. I currently run a mixture of Mars hydro ts1000s and blurples. I have a chilled tech growcraft x6 600 optimized for flowering in the other 5x5. The mars hydro side does great in veg . But the chilled tech smokes them when they hit flower. I love the...
  20. Shugrows

    Mephisto Genetics Cdlc

    this is my cdlc popped the soil around jan 20th. shes in a 5 gal pot with happy frog soil. Got bent over and lst trimmed some leaves and larf as i see it.