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Mephisto, Double Grape

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Double Grape is a legendary cultivar. She flourishes easily when grown organically, and fed a basic dry ammendment schedule. Through flower she becomes thirsty requiring daily watering. She's oily and very resinous, and an absolute trichome factory that benefits greatly from Silica supplementation. But as always, with heavy trichome coverage, and heavy resin production she can be prone to Botrytis infection. So it is wise to keep the RH a bit lower in the flowering stage. During flower, she produces a slight skunk, and prominent deep rich Grape Merlot type aroma that is extremely loud. Her aroma becomes increasingly louder near the end of her 65-70 day harvest window. In this case she reached around 30 inches in heighth, and she yielded 72.5 grams of green and purple buds. She was truly beautiful.



In the vape, her flavour carries on the slight skunk edge, and sweet Grape Merlot esque aroma that sticks to the palate for a lengthy time. Her effects are extreme body numbing relaxation, accompanied by a focused cerebral that I find makes it much easier to sleep.

She's a stellar easy growing cultivar, that I highly recommend every grower new an old to at least try once.

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