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Sour Crack was a very easy growing cultivar. She thrived with a basic organic soil ammendment schedule with ease, and a 22/2 light schedule. But she was very very thirsty in comparison to her size. She was a small plant, at under 30 inches in height, and her appearance seemed to me to be quite odd. Straight away from sprout, she looked exactly like a clone cutting. She produced very little foliage, and was by far the easiest trimming Auto cultivar I've ever grown. She produced large dense, rock solid resin covered buds for her size. She finished in 68 days and checked in at just under 57 Grams dry.


She produced a very pleasant Mango tropical punch aroma mixed with a subtle pine aroma during flower.


In the vape she's an absolute delight. She produces a thick, smooth, and flavourful vapour. Very reminiscent of a mango tropical jello. The effects are body numbing, and calming. Perfect for a restful night's sleep.

Thanks for stopping by for a look at my review! Happy growing!

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