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Night Owl Seeds, Star Krunch is an easy growing heavy producing cultivar. Raised on 20/4, she thrived on a basic dry amendment schedule with ease. At 40 natural inches in heighth and 32 inches width, she produced an abundant amount of fully producing branches that easily crowned her main. In her 82 days of life, she provided over 450 Grams of bulbous, thick, Bubblegum scented, resin coated, baseball sized buds that required minimal trim.


Her Rosin extract is crisp and clean screaming Bubblegum terps with mostly a badder consistency at almost any temp straight from the press.


Her effects are intense body melting sensations that's heavy on the eyelids, accompanied by a tingling cerebral. She's outstanding for a good night's sleep. Her sugary bubblegum terps are quite refreshing and settle on the back of palate lingering a good while, as does her effects.

Overall, she's quite the mellowing cultivar IMO, and a standout at that. I highly recommend her for the medicinal user seeking sound sleep..

Thanks for looking over my review!

Happy Growing!

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