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Night Owl Seeds, Star Spangled Banner 3

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Star Spangled Banner 3 is a relatively easy growing cultivar. She thrives with the basic of organic dry amendments through to her 82 day finish. Carrying traits from her parents, she screams of earthy electric blueberry, and strawberry aromas mixed with hints of diesel fuel in the background. Her effects are headlong Sativa leaning intense hybrid. She has a very lengthy brightening cerebral that is later accompanied by an INTENSE pleasant body numbing sensation.

Her extract is extremely potent..

Post in thread 'Two Stars In The Night' https://www.autoflower.org/threads/two-stars-in-the-night.88781/post-2712555

.. and she is a heavy producer with multiple branches crowned just under the the peak of the main cola. She could've stretched further without LST, but irregardless she checked in at about 39inches in heighth. Yielding 263 Grams of rock hard top shelf abundantly terp rich medicine.


The combination of her parents have made for a very special offspring in terms of structure, terp profile, and potency. I definitely recommend SSB3 if you like an easy growing cultivar, with intense hybrid effects and screaming loud one of a kind flavours!

_20221106_100948 (1)~2.JPG

Thanks for taking the time to look over my review!

Happy Growing!

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