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PowerSi is a quick uptake silica that your plants can use right away. The add said I would see noticeable results almost immediately. They were not lying. The size of the stalks on my autos and my photos are almost double that of any previous grow. The basic idea is that your plant only gets a percentage of the nutrients you feed it due to a myriad of micro and macro factors like ph, medium aeration ratio, container etc… silica binds to the nutes and helps your plant get a eff ton more than it was prior. Also helps with plant resilience and hardiness against stress such as light heat low rh etc. cloning is much easier as you can feed this as a foliar spray or with your nutes or both. Never too much silica. Lol. (Idk if that part is true)
It’s a little bit pricey, but everything they said has worked. I’m not quite finished with my first run with it all the way, but I’m at the point where I’ve tapered the PowerSi off completely and these girls are amazingly huge. It’s almost as if I can watch it grow… all of the pics are from the third day of week four since the lights flipped. So like day 24 of 12/12

7 gal fabric pots
HLG600 Rspec
Jacks 321
Wiggle worm castings (fed once, top dressed)
Myco Fungi
4x4 AC Infinity tent

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