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Hey Friends,

As most of you already know I've been using BioTabs for a while now and must say it's a great nutrient line! Especially for people who can't get about that well as all the "hard work" will be done at the start of the grow. Afterwards you only give your plants plain unadulterated tapwater. Yup, you've heard that right! No messing about with pH/EC meters and making sure you dose the right amount or run the risk of overfeeding your plants...

Coming from a pure chemical nutrients background, I myself was quite skeptical in the beginning...But was soon convinced by the ease how everything worked. Let me explain and show you in one go :thumbsup:

Let's begin with showing off the entire product line.

First off, The heart of the system. BioTabs, a organic slow-release fertilizer chockfull with nutrients and beneficial bacteria alike.


Next we have Startrex which is a soil improver with added bacteria.


To add some more bacteria to the mix BioTabs also has Bactrex which contains even more bacterial cultures to aid the roots in taking up more nutrients.

All these guys do the heavy lifting for us each playing a different role inside the medium used, being soil or coco.

Next up the list is Silicium Flash. A quick acting nutrient formula to start your plants out with. These will feed your seedlings until the bacteria take over and is chockfull with all organic based nutrients. Besides using it for seedlings you can also treat nutrient deficiencies with it.


We also have this Mycorrhizae inoculant called Mycotrex. When planting a seed, seedling or even repotting a plant use this in the planting hole to create a mycelial network that lives in harmony with your plants extending the rootsystem by providing necessary nutrients in exchange for suggars.


And this is where Orgatrex comes in the picture. This product provides the mycelial network with the necessary carbohydrates.


After the Orgatrex we have the BOOM BOOM spray. A foliar booster spray which delivers all sorts of goodies directly into the plant via the leaves.


For when we are further in the grow and the plants need that extra bit of P-K, BioTabs also created a compost tea mix called PK Booster Compost Tee.
This needs to be brewed for a couple of days before use, but will provide a whole colony of helpful bacteria which aid in uptaking the P & K.


And last but not least...The Bud Booster. Every serious grower knows that the plants need extra Phosphor and Potassium which is exactly what this product provides. Start slow and build this up near the end of flowering to maximize yield. You can even combine it with the above mentioned tea.


All these products combined will provide your plants with the best nature can deliver! And the cool part is most of them, you only need in the beginning before you start growing. Check out these video tutorials on the BioTabs website and have a readthrough all the different manuals of the products before you go cooking up that perfect soil :thumbsup:

Here I've added the Startrex and Silicium Flash to the soil after which I mixed that in...

After all the hard work you just fill up you pots and plant you seedlings, but just before you do that, sprinkle in a bit of Mycotrex to inoculate the soil with the necessary myco.
When the seedlings are planted water them in with the Bactrex & Orgatrex and you are good to go!

From now on it's water only until the plants go into flower...It's at this time you're gonna give the plants a weekly dose with a bacterial boost to aid in uptaking the P & K by brewing a tea with the PK Booster Compost Tee and Orgatrex. This is very easy todo and all you need for this is an air pump.
Fill a bucket with water and plug the air pump in. Let the water bubble for 24 hours. Next day you add the required amount of PK Booster Compost Tee and Orgatrex. Let it bubble away for 24 - 36 hours after which the tea is ready to use as is.


Bob :toke:

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