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A collaboration between Seed Stockers and Humboldt Seeds Co.
The plants take about 11 weeks from seed...
1655642114901_small.jpg harvest

After topping her at the 5th node and removing the 1st & 2nd node's side shoots this lady grows into a nice and stout stature with six colas filled with crystal covered buds.
Give this lady plenty of feed during vegetative growth and she'll return the favor by producing plenty of bud during flower. And during this period the strangest smells start emitting from the buds when you caress or accidentally brush against them...I got overwhelmed by the smell of an over ripe pineapple, them sweet & sour smells were something I didn't expect.

After curing the pineapple smell went away, but the sweet & sour remained giving it a very distinct smell when lighting up. Speaking of, this has become one of my three favorites to smoke. Haven't made sift or rosin from this cultivar as I like the taste so much and she's already heavy hitting enough.
I harvested 106 grams of primo buds...not rockhard buds, but fully expanded and ripe calyx'.
Trimming these buds was a bit of work as she was a leafy lady, but more leaves means more solar panels for creating bud, so you could defoliate when grown inside, but this will affect your production. As I grew this one inside a greenhouse, with ample of light from all sides I left as much leaves as possible and below is the result of all the hard work. :thumbsup:

So to wrap up this review. Here's my score for Seed Stockers', Mack & Crack Auto
  • Bag appeal : *** / *****
  • Taste : **** / ***** The taste is unique and I like it very much. Can't describe it though
  • Smell : **** / ***** Sweet & sour when you open the jar.
  • High : **** / ***** Heavy hitting Indica effect. Great for a day of zoning out in front of the tv.
  • Medicinal : *** / ***** It is a recreational variety, but I'm giving it three stars as it calms me down substantially and this reduces stress, so...


Bob :toke:

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