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This cultivar took 85 days from seed...
1654975478648_small.jpg harvest...

Rewarding me with 268 grams of primo bud.:d5:
I filled three jars with them and let it cure for a while...

We're now two months on and I have one jar left for smoking as the rest got concentrated into rosin and butter.
The flavor has mellowed out quite a deal. When I first put the buds into the jars the smoke was heavy on the fuely side of things, but now after curing the fruity orangy flavors are more pronounced, which is something that tickles my fancy :thumbsup:

Anyway...To wrap up this review. Here's my score for Super Sativa Seed Club's - Auto Bruce Lemon Diesel
  • Bag appeal : *** / *****
  • Taste : **** / ***** Before curing it was heavy on the fuel side, but after it's more of an orange flavor.
  • Smell : *** / ***** The flavors are well contained within the bud and only come out when preparing one for smoking.
  • High : *** / ***** Nice hybrid effect. Relaxes the body as well as the mind. Smoke more and it will knock you for the night.
  • Medicinal : **** / ***** One of my goto cultivars to ease my back pain. Made rosin out of it and two hits from that mellows the pain away.


Bob :toke:

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