Super Sativa Seed Club' - Afghan x Northern Lights x Auto aka Auto Northern Dragon Fuel

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I was one of the lucky one's that received these seeds for testing even before they became publicly available. :woohoo:
She went 88 days inside my greenhouse from seed...

To finish...

I topped this lady at the fifth node and removed the 1ste and 2nd node side shoots. This presented me with six nice colas which weren't to fat as to attract mold, but still big enough to provide me with ample primo bud :coffee: One of the biggest plants in the greenhouse. And that for so much Indica inside her...Go figure...:thumbsup:
As you can see, she's fairly yellow being at the end of her lifespan. But that's done with a reason. Namely not to oversaturate the soil as I want to reuse that next year...Adding some Nitrates and Magnesium would have fixed this issue, if it were ever an issue ;)

After drying for one week I trimmed her up as best as I could and was left with a nice stash of sweet smelling Afghan goodness. A real blast from the past!!
Time for some curing...

After a month in glass jars curing, the bud has become lighter in color and when broken apart smells kinda floral like you would expect from a Northern Lights.
1665741760722 _small.jpg

I took a random bud from the jar, my favorite rolling papers and a cup of coffee and went outside...
1665741760742 _small.jpg

And rolled myself a nice joint...
First inhale...Smooth sailing brothers and sisters...Not so much a floral sensation anymore, but rather the herby spicey flavor of old Afghan hash. No Kush flavor at at, for those of you who were wondering. The high is rather interesting relaxing my mind and making it more willing to watch an episode of Ancient Aliens...Oh well :shrug:
After a couple of drags more even the aliens don't interest me anymore...Mhmmm, I still need to finish this review...
So I didn't finish the joint in one session. I could have, but then I feel I would have gone lie down on the couch and probably fell a sleep...
1665741760709 _small.jpg

So to wrap up this review. Here's my score for Super Sativa Seed Club', Auto Northern Dragon Fuel
  • Bag appeal : **** / ***** Perfect looking buds covered in trichomes.
  • Taste : **** / ***** The taste is a real blast from the past!!
  • Smell : *** / ***** Floral
  • High : **** / ***** Heavy hitting Indica! Be careful if you have to go out as stupid words will come out of your mouth
  • Medicinal : ** / ***** It is a mind numbingly recreational variety.


Bob :toke:

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