SharpStone Version 2.0 Grinder

Ergonomic Grinder for anyone with damaged hands or really dense weed.

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As much as I love the ergonomic Improvements, there is a vital problem with these grinders. Unlike my old sharpstone, the teeth are made of a different black colored metal.

I noticed that a freshly cleaned grinder was accumulating resin and plant martial after just 1 or 2 uses! Toothpick time, to release alot of my bud. This happens with both sizes, and it happens consistently. (regretably I shelled out for the bigger one)

CLOSE INSPECTION reveals that the sides of the teeth are roughly machined, with many ridges. These surfaces are not smooth, so weed wants to stick to them. Of course, all that sticky stuff also increases the force needed to grind your buds.

Original post below:

I have always liked my original SharpStone grinder, but it is too big to fit in my new wooden rolling tray's designated spot. Everything else fits perfectly.

Seeing the new ergonomic improvements they made in V2.0, and knowing that grinding dense material can sometimes take a good grip, I ordered the 2.2" to match the dock in the tray. It turns out that their measurement is the width of the whole thing, including 1/2 inch of ergonomic elements. The base and chambers are much too small to fit the tray, so I would have been better off getting the larger model for just $4 more.

Get a grip. YES! The ergonomic designs do make opening, closing, and grinding MUCH easier, and the slightly modified blades cut through the stuff that would have hurt my hands otherwise. Anyone with Arthritis or other damage to the hands/wrists will love it. :woohoo:Even the top surface is easy to hang on to, and a surprisingly powerful magnet keeps everything safe inside. While that is great, it has some significant irritants as well.

The size of the holes and teeth don't match, meaning meaning that even if I rearrange and regrind, I end up picking as much herb from the blades as I get from the chamber. It might as well be a 2 piece LOL. The inconsistent grind is no problem for vaping, but it does make for uneven burning joints and cones. The original almost always made consistent grind, and I rarely had to pick weed from the top part.

The Grinder, chamber and base are way smaller than 2.2". In fact, I wouldn't call it a 2.2' grinder. The Grinder is 1.75" inside , the Base is 1.75" outside, and the Chamber is 1.3" inside at it's widest. Seriously, I can't pinch my fingers in there and doesn't hold much at all. Had I known, I would have got the bigger one.

I have to clean it at least weekly. I don't know why, but the black grinder surfaces and blades get sticky really quickly. My original could go months between cleanings with the same weed. The screen in V2.0 is very tight and gets the finest kief, but also plugs up quickly with larger kief, making it necessary to scrape or brush often. To be honest, I would rather use everything and have a deeper chamber. I never get around to using kief.

So, the bottom line is: Even with its flaws, the SharpStone V2.0 ergonomics make it my daily grind.

I just wish they advertised the actual dimensions, not just its width at the top.

Note: These images are from their website. My silver one doesn't show details in a photo. Yes, that is a laser engraved serial number, LOL



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