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My favorite device for dabs is the X-Vape One with the bubbler. <$100

Things to know about it. The ceramic doughnut heater is not always flush to the bottom of the barrel when new. So if you carefully loosen the center contact by pulling it out a little bit then you can use a pencil eraser end to gently push the heat element to the bottom of the barrel and gently hold it there while re-seating the contact. The device will work longer and better. You may need to trim the wire a bit so not to be in the threads. When they get really clogged up I take them all apart and clean them in 99% ISO. Rosin leaking down below the heat element or through the side vents into the airways is the number one reason for failure to work well.

This shows the wire end that may need to be trimmed.

This shows the center contact lifted out part way. and one all the way out.

This one leaks around the wires into the air chamber below and the side air vents are clogged


Do not overload it. A large grain of rice or two at the most dropped right in the center at one time will give three modest hits. Do not vape the last bit. It will burn and leave residue on the heat element. I use Precision tip Q-Tips to clean out any remaining rosin before reloading. Just heat a little and swab it out.

I clean the bubler using 99% ISO and a small syringe with plastic tubing to force the ISO through to wash it.

When you get one of these just right the will work for months as long as you do not over load it.

Always turn the bubbler clock-wise to remove or put back on so you do not unscrew the top ring on the heat chamber.

The first hit is always the most flavorful and the third is a bit foul compared to the first.

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