1. Mossy

    Grow Battles Taggable Team

    These are the Staff who have Volunteered their time to go Taggable on Grow Battles if you need any Help or have any Questions about Grow Battles. @Ripper #keeperoftherules All grow Battles going through the New Tournament software will have the contest Rules posted in the Battle set up thread...
  2. Mike20132

    Live Stoners Current Live Stoner Gossip July 2018

  3. The_Skunkist

    Outdoor Led Panels + Sunny Balcony = Much Much Fun !

    Hi ! I must start somewhere . I'm growing autos with mixed techniques, few weeks indoor then outdoor . The advantage is to make a lot of crops a season . 1st crop was started 1st february with Deimos (Buddha seeds) Sour Cheese Auto , Sour Rocket 60 (private breeder : Corsaire) . I have made...
  4. midIN

    Photoperiod Fire Glue, Glue Cookies x2 (Mammoth P,Mega test)

    Welcome to my indoor grow thread, I will feature all my photos in or outdoors within this thread. So first off this is what we have: Fire Glue- New 420 Guys Seeds Reg- Gorilla Glue #4 x Fire OG 2x - Glue Cookies- New 420 Guys Reg- Gorilla Glue #4- Platinum Cookies BX1 ( GirlScout Cookies) ...
  5. midIN

    Live Stoners GH expert DWC feed schedule?

    Looking for a nute schedule for the general hydroponics recirculating feed schedule. I'm using everything they offer for the Flora series, plus hydroguard for my tote. It's 6gals to start with til roots are established good. I will be running the bubbatrouble-- from magic. Which I have been told...
  6. Arsalonious

    Grow Mediums "Sexy" Outdoor RQS Diesel grow with one pot Autopot test run with H&G brought to you by Ars!

    Ran into a 4 pot system from a local grow store for $100 flat and jumped on it asap. (Needs some r&r) This is my first grow with autopot and autos so please bear with me. For this grow I will be using the RQS Diesel autofem. Seen below! Tonight I will be popping her open and using my sexy...
  7. midIN

    Live Stoners CO2 what works??

    So looking for some insight into what kinda co2 really works in a tent. ProCO2 buckets? Homemade Co2 makers? Is a high dollar Co2 machine only one? Bags of Exhale really worth it? Do the bags,tubs, and buckets really work for a a whole grow run? If so how much would one need to do a 2x4x5'...
  8. midIN

    Live Stoners cobs???

    To the point I'm wanting to either build or buy cob lights. For veg only? For bloom only? Or full spectrum? Can anyone maybe help me with this? I want some that can either be linked together or least do a 2x4x54 inch tent. thanks again
  9. midIN

    New Grower San Tri Bajo auto fem

    I have a San Tri Bajo auto fem from Barney's farm that I have start it's currently starting to pop out of it's rapid rooter. Almost 1-1/2" tall from seed to now 3 days. I uses the Ronin germ method/paper towel. I used the wifi router as a heat pad. Which I will do for now on it's amazing...
  10. midIN

    New Grower first Royal Queen Quick One auto fem

    Here's a link to my journal. Thanks for checking it out if you. Will keep it updated as she shows me what she's been up to. https://www.autoflower.org/threads/quick-one-auto-royal-queen-seeds.64425/#post-1725274 Also I will be starting a journal entry for my San Tri Bajo. Right now actually.
  11. midIN

    Indoor quick one auto, Royal Queen seeds

    I have successfully germinated a quick one auto from Royal Queen. It's currently starting about to pop up out of the rapid rooters. It's in a 5 gal fabric air pot. Soil mix is my own super soil. All 1/8 of ingredients. I mix approximately 38-40 gals at a time. Use for indoors and outdoor for...
  12. Frank Rizzo

    Mephisto Genetics MBAP and 3BOG on TANG’s feed schedule.

    2 MBAP and 2 3BOG using 5 gallon bags in hp promix with mycorrhizae. There is a 5th 3BOG in a clear solo cup that popped with her sister in the same pot (accidental) and so I transplanted it for shits and giggles. The 3 bigger ones are day 20 and the smaller ones day 10. This will be my second...
  13. Mossy

    Outdoor Auto Photo Battle 2018 Active now until November!!

    Details as they come in..:headbang:..this is a One leg grower of the year Battle..and you can start your plant auto or photo at any time as long as you are confident it will finish before the sun goes out...:biggrin: @TheMongol @Arthur @captcold @St. Tom :growing: :growing: :growing...
  14. F

    New Grower Starting my auto grow.

    Well I'm on day one. Took 5 days for my seed to pop out of the peat plug. Got a fabric pot 3gal got it in its new home. hung up and old bathroom light fixture 3 cfl lights 23 watts each. Going to order some auto cobs. Gave the plant an oz of ro water with some general organics calmag. This is...
  15. Foxhunter

    New Grower Share the green

    First grow,, five gallon smart pots,, half full of ffof and happy frog 50-50 mix on bottom half topped off with straight happy frog,, 315 ceramic light,, filter hooked up six inch,, 4x4 gorilla tent,, to six inch fans for air circulation,, temps 75-83,, humidity 35-45 percent, nectar for the...
  16. jackMgood

    Strain Selection 2017

    Hey guys, my autoflower adventure last year did not even come close to what I had hoped for and was a big disappointment. Needless to say, "Quit" is not in my vocabulary. Really just looking for input on what strains will work best for me here in the Southern US. Where I live RH is always at...
  17. Mossy

    Outdoor Auto and Photo Grow Battle under the Sun 2017

    Your Host for this Outdoor Auto Photo Grow Battle under the Sun 2017 is @912GreenSkell :d5: Starting May 2017 Autoflower and Photoperiod Outdoor Grow Battle under the Sun 2017 Welcome to the Annual Autoflower and Photoperiod Outdoor Battle of the Year 2017, where grow gladiators will battle...
  18. Mossy

    Photoperiod Photosensitive Staff

    Your Photosensitive Staff are @Rebel @912GreenSkell @Discretepete2676 If you have any Problems or Queries please feel free to Tag them into your thread. Tagging is simple..just put the @ sign before their names as you see above and they will receive an Alert to guide them to your thread...
  19. Budgrower

    Live Stoners New to this site

    Well Im new here and just wanted to say sup to all and that i think i will enjoy this place. I wish I would have knew about it before . I Grew out a few autos and i liked them. I met one of your members on one of my web sites and he said nothing but good things about this place. So here I am and...
  20. Discretepete2676

    Indoor portable AC units

    Anyone use portable AC units or wall units instead of window units for security purposes? How do they work and are they expensive to operate? Thanks everyone. Had to pull a light out of my 4x4. Tempos were to high. Scares me for actual summer time so I need to prepare. All help, suggestions and...