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  1. G

    Leaf septoria? Should I worry?

    I noticed these yellow spots on some leaves only for this plant? Should I worry? If it is something bad how can I fix it? first week of flower for this lady
  2. RQS Titan F1 Twins (not)

    Completed RQS Titan F1 Twins (not)

    Started two seeds this time of another special one, counting on keep the stronger one. Obviously, one started mutating and I was just too curious to throw it away.. I started these in smaller pots to see how they handle repotting RQS keep saying these new F1 are gonna blow my mind.. let's see...
  3. J

    Live Stoners We got a first timer here!

    My name is James. New to growing, but have been growing other crops successfully for about 5 years now.
  4. F

    Need advice on a slow blooming Norther Light Auto

    Hi fellow auto farmers! Need some advice for my Northern Light auto (ILGM). She is 49 days old today and not showing enough progress on the buds. Each day she grows bushy and spends most of her energy on expanding leaves. Its almost like she is vegetating even though I am seeing pistils near...
  5. R

    Nutrient lockout Q

    Hi everyone, If you saw my last post called something like more mephisto problems or something like that, it seems people thought my yellowing and browning leaves on my samsquanch og auto were caused by nutrient lockout I'm following up with a new thread because I have data on this and...
  6. First ever grow

    First ever grow

    5x5 mars hydro fc-e 8000 20-4 First ever grow day 21 on largest 7
  7. B

    Week 7 day 44

    Man has this been a learning curve, so many things have gone wrong and well some have gone sooo wrong that they might actually be alright. So for my first time grow I have two amnesia haze auto flowers,1 I low stress trained fairly light and one I accidentally topped while lst. Ended up 2...
  8. Gg#4 auto

    Gg#4 auto

    Seeds placed directly in medium [coco, perlite, charcoal, castings, Dr. Earth nutes) 7.24.22...solo cup challenge is on for one of the lucky seeds selected. 12-12 from seed for all.
  9. R

    Gorilla glue auto

    Showcasing my Gorilla Glue auto in week 2 of flower from fast buds
  10. Beatdownbarber

    OLD REVIEWS Tiki Madman

    Looking to try out Tiki Madman genetics, any suggestions on strains?
  11. JustAnotherN3rd

    SOS. What is happening??

    First time grower, and I’m attempting trying to get this guy back to his gloriousmess. Here’s some background info: Growing site: Outside Location: Richmond, VA Strain: Skywalker OG (Auto) Age: 9 weeks (63 days) Soil: Ocean Forest & Happy Frog 50/50 mix. I try to not overwater. pH of the soil...
  12. Growing in custom build box - Sherbet Queen Auto

    Growing in custom build box - Sherbet Queen Auto

    I'm growing in a custom build stealth grow box. It's power efficient and silent compared to regular tent equipment. I'm using a Ikea Kallax as a base. You can read more about the box in the "Blogs description". Direct link to Box Specs Plant is growing like crazy. So here we go! Seed: RQS...
  13. UN-Completed... RQS Green Gelato Auto - Ravinder & Tabrouka

    UN-Completed... RQS Green Gelato Auto - Ravinder & Tabrouka

    My best mate's hubby asked me to look after his girls up (2 plants and one cat) in the north and being in the countryside at the mountains feet, I just couldn't say no. In the meantime, my flatmate was nice enough to look after my own baby girl following my instructions. (Well, he knows I always...
  14. Y

    14 day old gelato auto how they lookin?

  15. C

    Bruce banner auto issues

    Bruce banner auto from rocket seeds Growing in Fox Farms Ocean with 150w full spectrum led panel Leaves look weird, and are changing a lot recently, they seemed scrunched and striped kind of. Definitely many shades lighter green then weeks 1-5. slight tip burn and curl up. Recently started...
  16. G

    GSC WK5

    Hey guys, my plant is raising some concerns for me. I’m hoping it’s not a nutrient deficiency and it won’t spread to others. Is this normal in a plant?
  17. Minime2020

    Indoor Minime2020 adventures into the auto world
    Threadmarks: Day 1, Minime2020 adventures into the auto world

    Well I'm back This time I will be running two different auto strains, amphetamine from cream of the crop and Auto kush xl from ice seed Bank I will be growing in coco coir in 5gallon fab pots, under the marshydro ts1000, big up @Marshydro I will call this day one 17 Aug 2021, humidity 65%...
  18. LabRat

    Outdoor 3 Strain Auto Grow In N. Alberta

    Thought I'd post a little journal about my 2nd attempt at growing autos outside in the Great White North. Last year out of 4 auto fems, 2 strains, one of each were males that only got about a scrawny foot tall, two grew as photos and when they began flowering in mid-Aug one turned out to be...
  19. twentyeight.threefive

    Indoor Seedstockers - Purple Punch Auto

    Soaked two beans for almost 24 hrs and just put them in coco.
  20. M

    New Grower RQS Bubble Kush Auto

    2nd try at growing my own :) My setup : 600W LED MARS HYDRO 2x2x4 tent w/ inline fan and carbon filter Humidifier Oscilating fan Grow medium: Biobizz Lightmix Ph range - 6.3-6.5 Day temp - 26-28C Humidity : 65-78% Light schedule : 20/4, now 18/6 due to extreme heatwave we having...