Completed RQS Titan F1 Twins (not)

Started two seeds this time of another special one, counting on keep the stronger one. Obviously, one started mutating and I was just too curious to throw it away..

I started these in smaller pots to see how they handle repotting

RQS keep saying these new F1 are gonna blow my mind.. let's see

Same ol' recipe, but no nutes.
Biobizz all mix, plastic pots and let's go!
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Hey dodelidoo.. I haven't given any details about RH and temps on this grow either, my bad.. So it's been pretty fresh and dry all throughout, maybe a bit too dry and fresh during the seedling stage.. 22-23C and 49/52% RH
If I wasn't such a lazy arse and give it a bit more humidity and warmth at the start, I'd have a lot more bulk (the mutant has a pretty big trunk) hehe.. but the MarsHydro is defo a life changer.. I'll probably start a photoperiod haze after that and try to make a monster out of it hehe
About quarter white half cloudy quarter transparent. From what I've read on AFN :)headbang:) the brownier the trics, well I don't really know how to explain it but until I can proper experience the difference myself, I'll go with white...(can't find the thread anymore anyways)

Might take advantage of the week-end to chop that down


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A month and a half curing later, 3/4 full glass jars at 63% RH avg then 59% in the last couple of weeks. Taste a little bit harsh, but less then the Orion, and smells a bit stronger. But nothing grrreat to my taste yet. Comfy high and fruity and caramel taste, of which I am not a big fan. Not for me this one...

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