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  1. F.N.

    Indoor Cannazone testing My Tasty T4-2100 from seed to end journal

    I have just put a Tangiematic from fast buds a sour crack and a hbss from Mephisto and a DP auto Brooklyn sunrise. They are all on Day five Pictures to come. The first picture is the light of course and what comes with it.
  2. Waximus

    Indoor Tasty LED T4-2100 Photo Tent Takeover by Waximus

    Howdy, Peeps :smoking: The folks at Tasty LED have provided me with one of their T4-2100 LED panels, and I decided to dedicate it to my auto tent for a few runs, so we can see the results, together:coffee: Here are a few unpacking shots, for y'all to see the packaging: First...
  3. dankstyle J

    Indoor Organic Oregon Experimental

    I am trying a way to get faster absorption of natural organic fertilization by training the root system to be fed through a tube .My soil is down to earth pro organic mix with my leftover outdoor grow soil lane forest products.Most of my stuff I will be using is local .
  4. pop22

    Bend Her till She Breaks.......How Low can She Go?

    I have a Critical Auto in my clone cab. I'm going to grow her to completion in there under 67watts of DIY LED lighting. I decided she was so tall I needed to bend her over ( Muuuuaaaaah hahaha..... ) so she could stay oin the cab. I then decided, its time for an experiment! I wanted to see...
  5. pop22

    Hand pollinating plants - My Method

    There are many methods you could use to pollinate your mother plants. I've created and am testing my own modification to the brush method. The problem I see with a brush is you don't have the control over stray pollen you think you do. Pollen doesn't stick well to brushes and flies off easily...
  6. stepside

    YDB Heavy16 vs. Miracle Gro tomato food

    7/27 two YDB's broke ground. 5gal airpots filled with promix bx and coast of Maine Stonington blend mixed 50/50. Been watering with well water ph'd to 6.5 with 1 ml heavy 16 roots. This is where the experiment begins....... I'll be feeding plant A Heavy 16 nutrients and plant B will get Miracle...
  7. pop22

    Nutes: Comparing cheap vs House and Garden

    Mossy liked the idea of this experiment so I volunteered! I'm setting up a Sea of Green grow. I'll feed two plants H&G Soil A & B, the other 2 will get Expert Gardener ( yea right.... ) all purpose plant food 15-30-15 NPK that I bought for $2.99...... Haven't found H&G's NPK or content info...
  8. pop22

    Experiment: Sludge Bucket!!! Modified Kratky Method

    Well, I cooked up a new experiment to post. I've previously experimented with Kratky Method buckets with so so results when trying to use organics. I decided to try again, using a modified version I'm calling The Sludge Bucket. What I'm doing is using a bucket, this time a 2 gallon I already had...
  9. briman

    Myth Bust: Matanuska Thunder Fuck Strain

    Hello everyone! Wanted to bust the myth, that this strain exists. The simple answer is yes...and no! Back in the 70's, there was a guy named Larry, who had the strain, "Matanuska Thunder Fuck". the name was given, for the dank weed that came out of the Matanuska Valley, right here in Alaska. It...
  10. pop22

    Myth Bust: Roots in your recycled soil will make the soil too acid

    Is it a Myth? " Roots in your recycled soil will make the soil too acid " Hmmmm, so ok, I bought this one! UNTIL yesterday. My greenhouse is next to my shed. Behind the shed I keep bins with recycled soil and one with old rootballs from last fall. I planned to eventually feed the rootballs to...
  11. Mossy

    Autoflower Myth Busting and Experimental Section

    Feel Free to post any and all of your Autoflower Experiments here.. Dr Frankensteins Lab..