1. SpaceToteToker

    Heat Nute problem, Autofems in SoHum Autopots (15L + 20L)

    The bottom of my leaves started goin yellow plant feeding on itself, i thought) n thought id put some Dr Forest Bloom2 dry amendment in (had to order if first) while waiting arrival, noticed that was yellowing from the tops down after id amended with OGL's "Reaper" pk boost. Just getting more n...
  2. Mandarine Autoflowers

    Mandarine Autoflowers

    I'm starting my first indoor grow this year after experimenting with some hydroponics / aerogarden last season. I really enjoyed tending to the plant and watching the changes as it went into flower. For this grow, I'm starting out fairly small and just trying to enjoy the process along the way...
  3. Only1Sky

    Auto Seeds Auto Seeds New Strain Testing - Acapulco Gold & Rainbow Glue - by Only1Sky

    This journal will feature two new releases from Auto Seeds, Acapulco Gold and Rainbow Glue. In additon, we'll be running their Sucker Punch - a favorite from past days. Seeds will be grown in 3 gallon AutoPots on a the Prescription Blend nutrient program. First, after almost 48 hours of...
  4. Olderfart's Living Soil trials and tribulations

    Olderfart's Living Soil trials and tribulations

    This will serve as my technical grow record for my winter grow in living soil, and is in addition to the standard thread on this grow. Unless noted otherwise, more detail will appear in the standard thread than appears here. The soil recipe, with thanks to @pop22 for inspiration and the...
  5. O

    Grow Mediums Fabric Pots-Smart Pots For 2.2-3.9 Gal AutoPots?

    Any help much appreciated, Anyone use a specific size or have a link to something. Seems Autopot is clever with the pot size they use as its not a very available size about 7.75" Square. I know they have the smart pot systems but I already have a lot of these systems.
  6. Olderfart

    Grow Mediums Troubleshooting the Autovalve

    Sometimes the Autovalve does not behave the way it should, and if action is not taken, floods or unhappy plants can result. This thread is to present troubleshooting and fixes for common problems. Autopot users should learn how the flood sequence operates. In particular, it is helpful to...
  7. Olderfart's green mischief

    Doing it in wormy soil and autopots - declared a fail

    Well peeps, I have decided to shut down the soil grow. The results so far were one runt Northern Lights, and three of the poorest seedlings that I have ever grown. Only one of the seedlings that were at day one a day or two ago seemed likely to even survive much less thrive. I am done with...
  8. O

    Grow Mediums Autopots with coco and AN Ph Perfect?

    Hi everyone, I have been looking for an automatic watering system and I am very inclined to use autopots. However, I grow in pure coco with AN ph perfect base nutrients because I love the simplicity of not having to ph and I am getting great results. I am getting tired of watering 5 times a day...
  9. M

    Grow Mediums Another go! Autopots/megacrop

    My previous grow went south when I left for a family emergency. So here’s another shot! Goin with 2.2 gal pots this time instead of 4. Goin with a pinkish Led instead of my HLG strips this time. Royal gold tupur mix instead of canna coco. 4cosmic queens from Mephisto only 4/6 germed. Day 9 2...
  10. Cosmic_haze

    Grow Mediums Autopots and Live Soil

    Ok guys I'm fixing to get my 2 single autopots system up and running... I'm thinking on doing an organic grow with live soil since all I'll need is just water in the Reservoir... Has anyone got any experience using live soil (super soil) in these pots and also, should I use a layer of Perlite...
  11. M

    Grow Mediums So I hopped aboard the autopot/megacrop train

    Alright finally made the move from dwc to coco/autopots. AN 3 part nute line has been good but so many different bottles and the PRICE is whats turning me to megacrop and the extras. Dwc is great but it’s become too much work for me now. I’m also still a pretty crappy grower but am diving in to...
  12. Frogster

    Auto Seeds Smoke Report - Autoseeds - Purple Stilton

    Seed Bank:- Autoseeds ( Tag:- ) Strain Name:- Purple Stilton Plant selected :- Plant Number 1 Cut Date:- 13th April 2019 Did it Autoflower ? :- Yes Medium:- Soil/hydro - Canna Pro Soil mixed with perlite (20%) & pebbles (25%) and a bottom layer of pebbles. Description:- 1...
  13. L

    Grow Room Micro sub irrigation White Widow autoflower grow

    The tent is 2’X3’X4’. Lighting is two ViparSpectra 300W LED lights with a total of 600W on an 18/6 schedule. Irrigation is by sub irrigation through deep 10” plant pot saucers for wicking beds. Ventilation is by a vaunted 6” exhaust fan to a carbon filter tied to an Inkbird Temperature...
  14. St. Tom

    Humboldt Seed Organization st tom running bubba kush

    hi this will be the beginning of my journal i will be running 3 strains off different vendors this one with thanks to @HSO-Mark will be my 1st run with hso and im hoping to put on a great show she will be in an autopot with 47l res and be grown under my sanlight q6w what im testing also...
  15. G

    Photoperiod Autopots green crack photo

    Trying autopots in coco for the first time here is the set up.
  16. E

    New Grower Eatstone 1st grow. White Widow, Autopots,Coco,Fotop 800+LED,2x4 tent

    Im a new grower from Canada. Trying to keep things simple to start. Autopots w/ coco and 2” hydroton on bottom, GH Floro nutes + calmag. 2x4 gorilla tent, 6” smart fan, small humidifier,and Mejiu Fotop 800+ 1’x3’ 320w led with dimmer 18/6-12/12 timer. Seeds are from true north seed bank, Canuk...
  17. E

    Grow Mediums WWphotos, Autopots, Coco, GH 3bottle nute, Fotop800

    Hi all, Im a new grower from Canada. I have a 2x4 tent set up in my man cave, and gonna try for 3 ladies in there. Space may be tight, but I’m hopeful scrog will help. So far I’m at day 35 and things are growing smooth. Keeping things as easy as possible with GH floro/micro/bloom and calmag...
  18. L

    Grow Mediums Advice on smartpots/autopots

    Hi all I am about to set up my 4 foot by 4 foot grow tent and want to run smart pots in my auto pot system. There will be 4 single 5 gallon pots. Will be using seed stockers northern lights Auto beans. Using 1 meizhi 600w led and 1 4x90w cob led. Fan in/out. If all goes well is that enough...
  19. Terra Firma

    Dutch Passion 6 Colorado Cookies in a SCROG (Autopots + DIY COB lights)

    Hi everyone, I've cleaned my growroom and am all set for a new grow :biggrin: This will be my 2nd SCROG grow. My last grow was 4 Auto Brooklyn Sunrise in a SCROG under DIY COB lights. They went for 118 days and produced top notch buds: 2.2g/W. (see the pic below). My goal for this grow is to...
  20. cdnBuddy

    First time sprouting

    Hey Gang, This is my first time trying to grow anything! Pretty happy I got this far, now just trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Day 6 Setup: Autopots 3.9L pots Lights: Solstrips 180watts @ 20" from top Tent: 4x2x7' Medium: Coco Nutrients: Remo Nutrients Temperature: 82.4°F Lights on...