1. Maybe I was expecting too much... anyway, onward and forward!

    Maybe I was expecting too much... anyway, onward and forward!

    So, it’s time to start a new grow I guess, looking at the European energy situation I can only see electricity prices going in the wrong direction, so I had better get some stash in place while I can. I will, for the first time, venture into the world of Auto’s, because, well, you know, why...
  2. Where I am at currently

    Where I am at currently

    Alright friends. I just wanted to put a bit of background info about my setup out there real quick. I have two tents. A 3x3, and a 4x4. Originally I was planning to use the 4x4 only for drying, but I decided to put it to use. Right now, I have one plant in each tent. I have a roughly 70 day...
  3. Strawberry Nuggets alongside 3 Bears OG x Mango Smile

    Strawberry Nuggets alongside 3 Bears OG x Mango Smile

    so ….. these have been above soil for about 8 days now. thought one 3bearsxMS was a dud now have two. Water when the soil is dry about every other day or so with just filtered water and fox farms myco brew. thinkin of lowerin the lights a bit more there at about 10 inches now. (300w t5 + 150w...
  4. DWC Autoflower Grow

    DWC Autoflower Grow

    Hello fellow growers ! So I’ve grown in hydro setup before closet style lol about 15 years ago , so with that said I’m basically a Newbie to this . ANY HELP OR INPUT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. I will list my set up and will update with pictures periodically. I did hell of research on my grow...
  5. Rebel


    Greetings My AFN FAMILY! I am pleased to announce that SACRA VIA SHOP IS BACK UP AND IN FULL FORCE!! We are adding new products! Today we just go out FIRST SHIPMENT OF @Smokin Screws IN THE HOUSE!! Right now we have the singles and party packs available and will be adding the COMPLETE...
  6. T

    New Grower thebombhaha first auto run train wreck

    Day 30, week 4 day 2 Might start LST tonight. Wanna top them tonight too
  7. T

    New growth looking silverish and drooping on some of my plants

    It's my first auto run and I'm wondering why they are drooping this way plus the color if you can see from the pic. I'm on day 26. I started feeding til runoff twice a day a few days ago. Growing in coco coir, nutes are masterblend
  8. thebombhaha Train wreck autos

    thebombhaha Train wreck autos

    First ever auto run day 19
  9. Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Creme De La Chem from Mephisto Genetics

    Completed Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Creme De La Chem from Mephisto Genetics

    UPDATE: she's a beauty! Almost done, so I'm posting once more before harvest day She ended up being smaller than the last one i grew, but it was all my fault. I kept her in too small of a pot for how hard i feed them. It's so easy to stunt an auto, even just for a day or two it hurts your size...
  10. A Little Family Photo Time

    A Little Family Photo Time

    I just wanted to update the blog with some photos of the mother, and of the only female Tyrone Purps I got out of 9 seeds. I call her Auntie. The mother was the forgotten cookies. So really these babies are 3/4 mephisto genetics, 1/4 deep sea creature. I can't wait to see what they'll do. Oh...
  11. T

    Is this info correct?

    Concerning my 1000w MH, I asked people how high it should be above the plants since I'll be starting with it from germ. "100% in ballast all the way or if your worried run it at 50% for the first two or three weeks. I had a 600W at 100% since sprout. Start as high as it goes for seedlings ...
  12. T

    Best manual feeder for runs?

    Trying to find an adequate feeder in case my 1G pesticide sprayer can't feed properly. I still have to see if I can take off it's nozzle. In case it won't let me, I'll get a feeding tool. Any suggestions guys?
  13. T

    My first auto run in 1 month. Laying out a plan. Advise appreciated.

    Lights: t5 fluorescent, 1000w MH, 1000w HPS Growing space: Tent 5' by 5' by 2m long First off, thanks to anybody that helped me on this forum. You guys have been amazing and I've learned so much from everybody here. As it stands, this is the info I have: I'm going to start in 3G plastic pots...
  14. T

    Looking to grow autos. Need help.

    Hi guys, Last year from August-December, I grew 5 photos plants using a t5 fluorescent for early veg and 1x 1000w MH/HPS for late veg+flowering I yielded around 1.5lb for this run. It was my first grow ever. Since then, I'm preparing to grow autos for the first time soon. I wanna get a couple...
  15. Gary Vault

    Holy Truck What a 420 Promo from The Vault!

    Hi AFN, Gary Eff here with an 'Effing' great 420 promo for you all. We have multiple prizes, freebies and give away's this year with one very special star prize. A hand made Vault Truck - which you can win including over 100 seeds. To enter head to the blog and choose what total number of...
  16. Rebel

    Indoor Rebel Returns to Quantum Badboy T5HOs -- April 2019

    So... After two years of battling with LEDs I'm officially spent and done with them. For more reasons than one. I'll elaborate in a follow up post. But after much consideration, thought, researching my old notes from the past several years I've made a decision to return to my old way of growing...
  17. iWumbo

    Duck Tape

    hello afn :welcome:this thread will be for my duck tape project, the plan is to breed some space quacks with gg4 auto and photo crosses :biggrin: going to name the crosses duck tape if you haven’t already figured it out :crying: started 6x space quack, 20x gg x green crack auto, and 3x gg4 x...
  18. Gary Vault

    Vault's One Love Promo - Win Up-To 25 Seeds + 14% Discount Code

    Don't worry if you missed out this Valentines Day - take some love from the Vault with our 'LOVEly' Valentines Day #onelove International Promo. We want to see how far and wide our audience is spread across the globe, so to be in with the chance of winning one of 10 prizes with seed packs...
  19. Gonnagrowmore

    Live Stoners Hey guys

    Quite new to growing in general, I have genuinely found it second nature. Watched and learned most on YouTube. However I did manage to grow scrog last year that yielded 27 oz from 5 plants. ( two of them was crap yield ) So I’ve got the bug. Spent a tonne of money getting a perfect set up and...
  20. Trichome farmer


    hello all this will be my main thread for 2019 so what have we ahead of us alot of different strains and breeders dutch passion .seedstockers. mephisto.ripper seeds. and super sativa seed club just to name a few there will e a couple more il add as i pick them up later in the year not to mention...