1. FarmerJake

    Making Root Beer Float x Chronic Ryder
    Threadmarks: Germination

    Goal: Take Root Beer Float feminized seeds and work them into a Regular strain that accurately represents RBF Plan: Use Chronic Ryder as a pollen donor for crossing with Root Beer Float s2’s to make my F1’s. Cross a male from the F1 generation back onto a feminized Root Beer Float. And keep...
  2. riggosbuds

    Riggosbuds seed co.

    All the latest and greatest in Riggosbuds genetics (DISCLAIMER RIGGOSBUDS IS A STARTUP SEED VENDER)
  3. A

    BMG Grow Journal

    Currently doing seed runs, taking the Autoflower to another gen and reproing the Photoperiods I collected over the year's. I'll be breeding them to themselves then to each other and also vice-versa. Every seed run I intend to collect 4 sets of seeds (Photo, Auto, Photo/Auto, Auto/Photo) While...
  4. Curranabis

    Photography Coal miners daughter F5

    #1 female Shorter height and internodal spacing darker shade of green and broader leaves. #2 female This gal is more lanky, with twice the internodal spacing of #1 and 4.5 inches taller. More of a line green color and thinner leaves. #3 male this was the more desireable male of two. He...
  5. D

    First Mini Project

    So I think I'm going to start with Sour Stomper. What I"ll be doing is growing out my Sour Stomper Seeds then using STS to create pollen on all plants but the strongerst female. These will all be in a filtered tent in an third story location. If I understand correctly These seeds should have...
  6. D

    Epic Starting material....

    K guys, so I made a few trades and have a decent little stash of seeds to start with. I gave some away before I knew what I had but now that I've put int the time learning I'm realizing I"m decently lucky. I was a commercial photo grower for years and kinda lost the passion when I couldn't...
  7. Humble Hashmaster

    Indoor LST on seed project

    Been a long while since I posted so I thought I'd drop a few pics of my current project. Im doing some LST on some ladies getting ready for pollination. Ill try to come back and post pics from time to time if anyone is interested in seeing the progress.
  8. parsing_trees

    Small population photo-to-auto breeding?

    First off, is there a better subforum for questions like this? I get the impression from old threads that there used to be an auto breeding subforum, but now there's only one specifically about seed feminization. I'm not a new grower, but this seems like the place for general questions. Please...
  9. Introduction + Breeding Goals

    Introduction + Breeding Goals

    Howdy AFN, I just signed up today because I thought a blog would be a fun way to track the progress I'm making towards breeding my own auto strain while meeting some cool people along the way. In general I'm somewhat new to growing (very new depending on your perspective) but I've got 4...
  10. Round 2 Breeding: purple male bred w Chemdogging, 3Bears OG, and Barry White

    Round 2 Breeding: purple male bred w Chemdogging, 3Bears OG, and Barry White

  11. M

    What does hybrid vigor look like? Are traits of hybrid f1 generation equally shared?

    I know in the f2 and folowing generations the heterozygous traits start to appear which breeders can select and self or back cross to the parents... but what exactly does an f1 hybrid look like? Is it simply just 50% from each parent? -I.E. 15% CBD strain crossed with 15% thc will produce...
  12. Wclazerdub

    photoxauto breeding shortcut?

    breeding shortcut? 1. take feminized autoflower pollen to a photoperiod. 2. grow out some seeds till you find an autoflower. 3. hit that autoflower with colloidal silver 4. pollinate an autoflower 5. stable feminized photoxauto seeds in 5 steps too easy right? Let me know!!!! Check out my...
  13. Hemposapien

    How to properly produce Feminized Autoflowering Seeds?

    High y'all! I am loving the autoflowers but the seeds are the biggest ongoing cost which really frustrates me. I have found a few links about how to produce photoperiod feminized seeds but none relating to autoflowers. If anyone has a link that could assist me or even direct hands on...
  14. A Little Family Photo Time

    A Little Family Photo Time

    I just wanted to update the blog with some photos of the mother, and of the only female Tyrone Purps I got out of 9 seeds. I call her Auntie. The mother was the forgotten cookies. So really these babies are 3/4 mephisto genetics, 1/4 deep sea creature. I can't wait to see what they'll do. Oh...
  15. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Indoor Breeding Project - Round one- Forgotten Cookies x Tyrone Purps

    So we crossed a BEAUTIFUL female Choc Deisel, and crossed her with this pack of Tyrone Regs we got. (7 out of 9 Tyrones were male, which is what started us thinking.......but the breeder SAID he put it out there for breeding stock, so we shoulda guessed) We did a sprout test on our seeds, so we...
  16. pop22

    New Grower very old seed: Russian Dragon, Can I save them?

    I was gifted various Dragon seed several years ago. That's where my Dragon's Blood, Durrty Dragon, black Dragon and White GEM came from, and to my benefactor, another THANK YOU! So I have 6 seeds of Russian dragon. I'm hoping for a male and a female to breed, anything beyond that is more than...
  17. Strainly

    Live Stoners Protect your genetics

    IMPORTANT The Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) confirmed that they are willing to accept Hemp varieties under their Open Source Pledge! (Cannabis varieties will be considered upon federal legalization in the U.S.). If you have Hemp varietals you’d like to formally pledge as open source, wait...
  18. Strainly Open Source breeding and preservation

    Hey everyone, A lot of people worry about Big Ag and Big Pharma taking over the cannabis industry and confiscating biodiversity. Is there a way to reduce the negative odds? What can be done...? Open Source breeding has emerged in Europe and proved to be an effective collaborative approach...
  19. Strainly Cannabis breeding and ethics: what should you do and not do when breeding cannabis

    Hey everyone, Many of you have expressed some interest in breeding. You are not always sure what is (and is not) acceptable to do when breeding from someone else's seeds. Matt from Riot Seeds has put an article together = The Golden Rules of Cannabis Breeding Do you agree or not?
  20. Fitzy

    Live Stoners Where do we think breeding will go and how will cannibis as a species will look

    Seen some pics and a movie on how some of the best pot in the 60s and such had real loose bud formations and some didnt even look like bud it looks like the saddest larf u ever saw, compaired to now we got buds dense enuff to through at a window and break it. I would love to see some breeders...