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  1. Update!!!!


    The Dutch passion is still going. Maybe a pistil or two are turning reddish. Still no trich development to speak of nor is there a noticeable odor from this plant even after touching the colas. Which are huge btw!!! Really sux that a plant with colas like that and that big has no frost. I’m not...
  2. Update Dutch Passion &Mr Canuck

    Update Dutch Passion &Mr Canuck

    So I’ve moved the Amnesia fem from Canuck into the 4x4 that formerly housed my Barney’s Farm Runtz x layer cake that finished up in about 7 wks. I figured these girls would only benefit from more room and a dedicated light source for each pot. Looks like I overtrained the strawberry cough as...
  3. DOA

    Dutch Passion 2023. Auto SFV OG - Auto Mac #1 and Auto Oh My Gusher Harnessing Natures Energy Growing Based on Natural Law: Dutch Passion MAC#1
    Threadmarks: Germination

    Introduction: Welcome to my grow showcase, and before we commence, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to @Antonio_DutchPassion for inviting me to this year's Auto Grow & Show event, featuring Dutch Passion's impressive new selection of Cultivars. In this exhibit, I want to share the practice of...
  4. Dutch Trashin??

    Dutch Trashin??

    Idk what’s up with this Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Fem. Running side by side with my usual run I’m at week five with zero frost. I don’t do a bunch of Sativa dominant photos as the stretch is a bitch on the tent. However, she didn’t stretch too much. Just no frost. No scent. Right next to...
  5. Antonio_DutchPassion

    Dutch Passion 2023. Auto SFV OG - Auto Mac #1 and Auto Oh My Gusher Dutch Passion new USA Autoflowers genetics 2023 - Auto SFV OG - Auto Mac #1 and Auto Oh My Gusher

    Hi fellow growers, smokers, stoners and weed lovers! :ladies: We have set up a new Grow & Show with some of our newest USA autoflower genetics, you've probably seen it in the title already these are the three cultivars ; Auto SFV OG - Auto Mac #1 and Auto Oh My Gusher We already got some...
  6. Maybe I was too harsh?!?!

    Maybe I was too harsh?!?!

    Well maybe I was a little too harsh in the old Dutch passion genetics… the only one of the 5 beans to make it (they don’t do freebies on every site for some dumb reason) past the seedling stage and then stalled has started to make a comeback. I credit patience and silica for the progress lol...
  7. Dutch Passion Seed Company

    Dutch Passion Seed Company

    Dutch Passion are one of the world’s oldest cannabis seedbanks and one of the few remaining original seed companies. We offer our customers a variety of original classic cannabis varieties as well as some of the very best new varieties, many of these are available in regular as well as...
  8. Dutch Passion in the Heezy

    Dutch Passion in the Heezy

    So all three have popped and are on the chase for the light. Hoping they are as gangster as the Barney’s farm Genetics appears to be. Wouldn’t mind crossing them if so and see what I come up with. Cold snap right now so I hope the humidity doesn’t eff up my seedlings as they are super fragile at...
  9. Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Fem

    Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Fem

    Just dropped three of the five beans I got from Dutch Passion via Seedsman into a shot glass full of spring water. Three days back. After day one one bean had a 1” tail protruding so I planted her in the coco/perlite medium and added about one oz of spring water to the medium (just enough to...
  10. SiamBuds

    Dutch Passion Best outdoor strains for hot and humid climate (SEA)

    Hi, whats best outdoor seeds? I want plant them in garden in organic soil pots in Thailand. My initial picks are: Frisian dew fem x 2 Auto Mazar x 1 Auto Ultimate x 1 Attached list of available seeds here locally.
  11. Dutch Passion / KEROSENE KRASH (REVIEW)

    Autoflowering Dutch Passion / KEROSENE KRASH (REVIEW)

    Dutch Passion kindly gave me 7 kerosene krash seeds for a Grow & Show & 1 Auto Mazar seed too.. All for free here on Afn. I felt honoured to get to try out thier genetics at last so couldn't wait to get started and got them started as soon as they arrived. The seeds came in a nice metal...
  12. SiamBuds

    Dutch Passion Whats high THC, high yelding DP AUTO seeds?

    Looking for some auto seeds for my next grow. I want try DP seeds. Can You guys recommed some. Im looking at Ultimate and Blackberry, tho Blackberry not so high in THC but looks awsome. Any better?
  13. Antonio_DutchPassion

    Dutch Passion Seed Company ongoing Promo's

    Hi guys, gals, Most of you will probably not be looking at our website every day/week, nor will most of you be subscribed to our newsletter, which is totally fine ofc. But this way it is evident you are missing out on some of the promo's that we run on the website. That's why we want to share...
  14. Dank Nuggets

    Indoor Danks ongoing autos adventures

    Hi thought I would start a thread as I've got lots of new things going on this year from Super Sativa Seed Club and a Dutch Passion new strain with no name as yet? also got some Mephisto Genetics some Sawnys Beans that are staying inside till its warm enough to go out.So it will be...
  15. I

    Indoor Lime/pale upper leaves during flower

    hi! I have some wired lime/pale colored upper leaves since flower or maybe since the stretch before flower I’m not sure, but it wasn’t present in veg! Only the upper third is affected and there are no visible drawbacks or problems yet. It flowers great and no dying leaves or buds. I’m...
  16. joe byrd

    Nutrients What do you think of medium 30/30/30/10 soil (lightmix)/coco/perlite/worm castings for biotabs in autopot?

    As above. What do you think of that? Would it be a perfect compromise? Soil as a "better" envirement for organic nutrients, coco as more aerated and making soil less "hot", perlite for looser structure and more air, worm castings fooooor I dont know what for. I though biotabs have everything we...
  17. AMG

    Dutch Passion Dutch Passion - AutoUltimate - AMG

    Hey guys :welcome: Here i will document when i grow Dutch Passions AutoUltimate in DWC (Deep Water Culture). I will be using new powerfull LEDs and a HUGE bucket in my attempt to grow a record-breaking-autoflower! At the moment im gathering all the equipment i think i need to succeed. And...
  18. Antonio_DutchPassion

    Dutch Passion Antonio_Dutch Passion salutes you all!

    Hi to all the growers, smokers, breeders and cannabis enthusiasts! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give you a bit of background information about me. I'm Antonio, currently working as a product specialist at Dutch Passion Seedcompany. You can talk with me about...
  19. Grimmus

    Tsl 2000 / 2x4 tent

    :thanks: @Marshydro for the new gear. Love the quality of the tent. And the tsl2000 lights it up great. I’m going to run 1 glueberry og, 1bloody skunk, and 1 Northern Lights. All autos. Everything should be up and going by next weekend. I’ll update when the first set of true leaves pop. :photog:
  20. Grimmus

    Growing For Broke

    4 Mars hydro ts1000s & 1 generic 150 watt 1 growcraft x6 600watt 2 1000 cfm outtake fans 1 450 cfm intake 16 five gallon smart pots Bottom 40% is ocean Forrest Top 60% is happy frog Advanced nutrients ph perfect base & cal/mag this should be a good one. I’ve got my room dialed in and tracked...