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  1. parsing_trees

    Indoor Winter Sun
    Threadmarks: Day 14: first post

    Time for a new batch. I started soaking the seeds on Christmas, most are 14 days from sprout. It's pretty much the same setup as last time -- I'm growing in a 2x2' / 60x60 cm tent, in reused 1/2 liter polypropylene food containers (ice cream pints) full of coco and hydroton, bottom-feeding with...
  2. N/A-Greengo

    Nocturnal Lights & Beyond - A Mephisto & Secret Owl Odyssey

  3. Only1Sky

    Indoor 2019 Finals: Zamnesia & Mephisto (Only1Sky)

    Greetings folks. I'll use this journal to track progress on my unsponsored plants competing in the Mephisto and Zamnesia 2019 Grow Battle Finals (Aug 18 to Dec 1). My kit for this grow is: Gorilla Grow tent: 4x4x8 Analog humidifiers with Inkbird Controllers Medium: Roots Organics Original...
  4. Faction

    Mephisto Genetics Chemdogging, Sour Livers, Fantasmo Express in RDWC

    Hello AFN - I am very new here so please forgive the mistakes I will be making!! This is a journal of my second autoflower grow (quite a bit of photoperiod growing experience). I am growing in a 1.5m x 1.5m tent using a 9 pot RDWC system (urban deepwater culture) and 4 x Grow Northern Telos 008...
  5. Medulla_Oblongauto

    New Grower 2nd Attempt, Fantasmo Express & Sour Crack, GN Telos 0006, BioTabs.

    Hi everybody! This is my second attempt at a grow. The last grow suffered from a lot of deficiencies and I only managed to harvest a few grams. I'm a bit more prepared this time round. My setup is the following... Tent: BudBox Pro 75 cm x 75 cm x 200 cm, white lining. Light: GN Telos 0006 on...
  6. T

    Indoor Fantasmo Express And Ethos OG Kush Auto

    Heres a video of both the fantasmo express is on the right and og kush on left I topped fantasmo and had a stem break on me so i tapped it back together the fantasmo is about 6 to 7 weeks in and OG kush is on day 35 grow in coco coir/perlite 5 gallon smart...
  7. Unique

    Mephisto Genetics Unique taken a Ride on The Fantsamo Express

    Hey Everyone, Well I finally have an opportunity to grow out some Mephisto and My Favorite Strain at that! The Famous Ghost Train Haze in Auto form I am very much looking forward to see how much like the photo version this is...These seeds were gifted by Two friends on here, so Guy's this Grow...
  8. Akmatanuska

    Mephisto Genetics akmatanuska's 4 strain Mephisto run

    alright guys had a thread up under the indoor grow journal section, but I feel it should be posted in this sub-forum. So far I have 4 strains that I put in jiffy pellets on a seedling mat. I've had 5 of 9 sprout and a total of 9/9 that germinate. Here's the run down: 9 seeds were popped and...
  9. Akmatanuska

    Indoor akmatanuska's 4 strain Mephisto run

    Hey guys, just wanted to share my current run I just started. This is my first post, and first time on this forum! Super stoked to get it started. So here we go! I put 9 seeds into jiffy pellets and placed them in a seedling starter on top of a seedling mat. The strains are all from @mephisto...
  10. Chrisw1t

    Indoor Mephisto's Fantasmo Express x2 & Ripleys OG

    Hey! Somewhat new grower here, would like to share the results so far here on AFN as it has been my go to resource thus far! Ive grown under sunlight before and this is my first indoor grow :) I have always used premium soil but a friend got me hooked on the Coco for indoor growing. So for...
  11. Frankidelics

    Mephisto Genetics Frankidelics presents to you the Fantasmo Express!

    Hey guys! Sorry for starting this thread just now... She's about 6-7 weeks old I think! And she's a beauty! I use BioBizz Light Mix and All Mix, and Bio Grow, Bloom, Heaven, and Top Max, as well as molasses. It's an organic grow. Here are some pics! Peace
  12. Nabzter

    Mephisto Genetics Time to try mephistos genetics !!!

    I have just taken receipt of some goodies and am looking forward to some mad science. The specimens I will be experimenting with are as follows - Ripleys OG Fantasmo Heisenberg special Aĺl beans Currently sitting snug in damp kitchen paper inside empty dvd cases. Going all out in 30l smart...
  13. HubbaBubba

    Mephisto Genetics Fantasmo Express Vape report

    Fantasmo Express comes from Ghost Train Haze which was called “Strongest Strain on Earth" a few years ago because it tested over 25% THC. Fantasmo Express is my favorite of the 10 Mephisto strains I have grown. So here is my first AFN smoke report. Acutally I never smoked, but I have vaped it...
  14. Ronin

    Mephisto Genetics Fantasmo Express

    Miss Fantasmo Express met the blade at 72 days:tang: Here's her specs: Container: red bottom Airpot Medium: Roots Formula 707 Lights: Vegged under 600w HPS and flowered under mixed LED's @18/6 Nutrients: General Organics and Extreme Gardening Mycos Thanks for stopping by!:cheers:
  15. Margahooja

    Mephisto Genetics Fantasmo Express #2 by Margahooja

    I'm giving this strain another go. Here are the details. Today is day 6 for this seedling. I planted the seed direct to soil in a 5 gallon equivalent airpot. This seed sprouted in 54 hours. I am using my usual Potters Gold Soil. I will be using General Organics nutrients. Lighting will be under...