1. Day 14+ update & topping

    Day 14+ update & topping

    I call it day "14+" because it's been 14 days since the last of the 6 seeds popped & fully dug her way out of the soil. So in fact, most of the plants are 1-3 days past the 2 week mark. This last week they've drank roughy 1.5L each with the following inputs (ml per L) Root juice 3ml...
  2. Intro - day 10

    Intro - day 10

    Greetings, Growmies 🤙 I Recently put my tent back up after taking the summer off & I'm definitely feeling excited. So much so, I thought I'd do a diary. I'm raising 6 plants (all from FastBuds) in 12l fabric pots. They'll live in a 1m X 1m Black Orchid tent & hangout under a MarsHydro Fc4800...
  3. C

    Fast Buds Fastbuds - unknown strain from a mix-pack.

    Hi guys! I ordered a mix-pack from Fastbuds and i have no idea of what seeds I’ve got - but it has some purple hues in it, so it should be one from that category. She’s a little bit sensitive to nutrients and are in need of a couple of hours lights off. Anyone got an idea of what strain this...
  4. Strawberry Gorilla Fastbuds

    Strawberry Gorilla Fastbuds

    Wk 7 Day 57 FlowerD 17. Started in 1.7L and on day 13 was moved to 11L pot. Under P1000 from viparspectra 75% 45cm until pre flower then moved down to 30cm. RH is 45%. Day temp is 26, was 31 until I hooked up hillbilly AC. 60CM tall. No nutrients issues but a little bit of salt burn. Over did it...
  5. R

    Seed Bank Fastbuds breeder review

    An overall impression with this breeder...if given the right environment and care, these seeds are genetically blessed for success. However if altered really in any way, or stunted early, it will affect yields. Ensure the plant has needs met with minimal fertilizer and the correct VPD per stage...
  6. R

    Gorilla glue auto

    Showcasing my Gorilla Glue auto in week 2 of flower from fast buds
  7. R

    Blue dream outdoors

    Showcasing my blue dream outdoor run by fast buds
  8. R

    New Grower Previous Jack Herer Auto

    Just posting some previous content of mine.
  9. K9 Funk Auto Fem by Treesinger Genetics

    K9 Funk Auto Fem by Treesinger Genetics

    wassup guys its our first blog ever and we're super excited about it. we got the K9 Funk auto fem seeds from @Old Sage Seeds . we've grown out multiple strains from @Treesinger and they've all been fire. the K9 Funk is Roc-Dawg Funk by Roc Bud Inc pollinated by Fast Buds Original Chem Dawg Auto...
  10. Irishguy420

    Live Stoners Harvested some purple punch

    Turned out to be a great father's day. Cut down one of my purple punches. May have jumped the gun a little due to newbie and excitement haha but gonna be more patient with the rest. Got her hanging to dry. Really pumped cuz this is the first grow in the room I built. I started in December in a...
  11. Newbie Strawberry Pie - fastbudz

    Newbie Strawberry Pie - fastbudz

    Another installment of another one on my first grow in my room I built
  12. Newbie grower Purple Punch Fastbuds

    Newbie grower Purple Punch Fastbuds

    3 plants of purple punch fast buds. Wife's favorite strain
  13. Minime2020

    Indoor Forbidden runtzs and cash crop

    Hay everyone this is My indoor grow I have 2 cash crop and 1 forbidden runtzs, These are grown in coco and I'm using canna nutrients The lights are Mars hydro 1 is 3 weeks the others are a little behind at two and one week Thought I could do this grow without a journal but I didn't know how...
  14. Fastbuds Gorilla Glue & Crystal Meth

    Fastbuds Gorilla Glue & Crystal Meth

    Hi all, quick intro... This is my third year growing autos, started in the conservatory, lockdown year 1 with limited success. Year 2 got a cheap grow tent (80x80x160) and cheap blurple light off Ebay also with some success but then upgraded to spider farmer sf1000 with better results on a...
  15. Original Chemdawg & Blue Microverse F5

    Original Chemdawg & Blue Microverse F5

    FastBuds Original Chemdawg & Night Owl Seeds Blue Microverse F5, day 1 dry.
  16. Original Chemdawg

    Original Chemdawg

    Fastbuds, Original Chemdawg Day 68, 5-7%+ Amber. End of Cycle.
  17. M

    Wedding Glue / Blueberry Auto - Diagnosis

    Hi All, new member here have some trouble diagnosing/fixing issues with both of my plants 2 autos. -Problem: On WG i have rust spots which were noticed during first weeks of flowering, no signs of deficiency were observed during vegetative phase. On the other hand Blueberry is experiencing...
  18. Fast Buds Heather

    Fast Buds BRAND NEW 2022 STRAINS!!!

    We've dropped 6 brand new strains! Crosses of all our most popular and mouth watering strains. All extremely potent and remarkably tasty :woohoo: Check them all out by clicking on their photos below! :thumbsup:
  19. Y

    14 day old gelato auto how they lookin?

  20. chubby.nuggz

    Indoor Chub grows Barney’s, Fastbuds, Mephisto and Twenty20

    Hey y’all Wanted to share this grow with the community as this will be my first attempt to complete a journal here.