1. BII

    In Soil: Use RO or Tap Water?

    If growing in soil and having the option of watering/feediing with either RO/DI or tap water (containing normal amounts of minerals/salts, aerated over night to 'dechlorinate'), which is best, recommended? Other than watching and if needed treating for Ca and/or Mg deficiencies (or simply...
  2. Minime2020

    When to feed

    Hi I am using Coco coir and have got canna Coco nuits a and b liquid, I'm only at day 4 but would like to know how to use these nuits and any advice on feeding, when, how much, etc
  3. Carecrab

    Potassium deficiency?

    Good evening boys and girls! Watered my plants 2 days ago and went away from home and when I came back I started to see som leaves showing signs of deficiency. I think it's a potassium deficiency but I'm not 100%sure. She's a 4,5w old girl, and she's flowering and I've been feeding her...
  4. G

    Autoflower Nutrient Schedule using GH Flora Series in Soil

    Hello, This is my first post on this forum and in a few weeks I am going to be starting my first grow. (I will be using Roots organics rod potting soil) What should my feeding schedule be? I am a newbie so a detailed guideline or a link to a detailed guideline would be appreciated. The main...
  5. T

    Best manual feeder for runs?

    Trying to find an adequate feeder in case my 1G pesticide sprayer can't feed properly. I still have to see if I can take off it's nozzle. In case it won't let me, I'll get a feeding tool. Any suggestions guys?
  6. Seed N Employ

    New Grower Foliar feeding?

    Recently have been interested in foliar feeding. Lots of info that shows it to be beneficial for deficiencies, but not a whole lot on adding it as a standard feeding practice. Used NFTG bloom chaos last run, and it definitely seemed to decrease internodal gap space. Anyone else have any good...
  7. CoviklaFlaire

    Plant metabolism ? stupid question..

    Hy guys first I have to say i was never botanic guy, Im more animals/pet guy, And I was never dreaming of becoming grower (from hustler to grower lol!) , but now that I am i got one question, I try to google it but no success..My question is , how long it takes for plant to consume nutrients...
  8. stillSmokin420

    New Grower Help with Watering

    im gonna be growing in soil airpots i hear people telling me dont worry about the ph... do they mean ph of the soil or ph of the water.... im gonna use tap water i was gonna fill a res full of water let it sit with airstones in it and feed it to plants... am i right or wrong?
  9. CannaMedic

    Indoor Help With Watering System For My Autoflowering Cannabis

    Hello everyone. I suddenly need to travel and I just started a Vast and Fast Vaster and Faster grow. They are seedling (1 week) I travel in about 4 weeks for 2 weeks. I need to set up something dependable but low budget for watering. Tent is 4x4 x6 ft. The 4 plants are in soilless - 3 gallon...
  10. Dr. Babnik

    New Grower Me again.... Scary spots on top leaves!

    Hi, Masters Please have a look at the pics. What does this pattern of spots indicate. The spots have developed during the last 12 hrs after I fed her. In 1 L water I mixed: 4 ml Sensi Grow A 4 ml Sensi Grow B 1/2 tea spoon molasses 1 dr. Hesi SuperVit 5 ml Hesi Powerzyme pH 6.3 Physical...

    New Grower Second Balcony grow. Auto Ultimate, Blueberry Berry

    Season is starting so i popped my beans 4 days ago.Planted them a set them to 24 cycle in my "prep room". Three beans of Auto ultimate by Dutch Passion. Three beans of Blueberry Berry by Bulk Seed Bank Soil Plagron grow mix Grandma's homemade bio compost Perlite Nutrients General Organics...
  12. Bum

    Indoor Nutrients

    What nutrients do you guys use? Do you use their full line, if not which do you use? When and how much do you start with? How much did it cost you? Its so much fun browsing nutes and additives, but which actually makes a worth difference? Im looking for something real simple, one or two parts...