1. TheWildcard

    Night Owl Seeds NightOwl Seeds Q&A with GBD

    Hi AFN, New poster, was a luker. I've had the pleasure of messaging to GBD and got some answers to questions the community may want to know. I've gathered all this information over the past month posted it on reddit and figured i should do it here too. I've removed some questions/releases that...
  2. McDee

    Mephisto Genetics gbd... your mom now, so

    @gbd As Dale says in Step Brothers, your mom now lol. Since no one said congrats yet let me be the 1st. CONGRATS! Your the guy here now, so here is my 1st question. When will the new crop be out, still March? Is there a date set? Just trying to get my offshore accounts straightened out, I'm...
  3. Duggy

    Mephisto Genetics Duggy Cosmic Queen

    Cosmic Queen ... Cheers @gbd Started 24th Sept, potted to 1L pot of Lightmix. Will be moved to 15L Autopot in a week.. Biotabs to be used. Under 100w LED for now... Just over a day up now...
  4. thetreeman

    Organic soil recipe using these ingredients?

    Honestly I havent had much luck with organics so far. Hoping to turn it around this time. Would like some expert help creating a recipe using what I already have. What do I have you ask? I think I have plenty to make something good... In case you cant see, Ill list what I have on hand. Crushed...
  5. SMOOTHseven

    Indoor Mepphisto White-Crack in gdb's soil

    5 White crack in 3 gallon pots. @gbd super soil made with Roots Organic This is my first soil grow.... so here goes nothing!!
  6. gbd

    Mephisto Genetics gbd visits Mephisto!

    The stars have finally aligned and I've made it to the magical Mephisto mountain! I will keep this thread as a running photo journal while I'm here. Feel free to tag along and watch the progress! I'm still not quite in the swing of things time wise, but I did have my morning coffee at noon...