Organic soil recipe using these ingredients?


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Mar 23, 2014
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Honestly I havent had much luck with organics so far. Hoping to turn it around this time. Would like some expert help creating a recipe using what I already have.

What do I have you ask? I think I have plenty to make something good...

In case you cant see, Ill list what I have on hand.
Crushed oyster shells, dolomite lime, neem cake, karanja cake, espoma garden tone, espoma plant tone, espoma holly tone, espoma bio-tone starter, dia-earth powder and crushed, blood meal, bone meal, langbentonite, alaska fish concentrate, soft rock phosphate, soybean meal, cottonsead hulls, alfalfa powder, azomite, used coffee grounds, epsom salt, worm compost/rabbit manure, coir, vermiculite, peat moss, promix-bx, shredded wheat straw, hardwood biochar, molassses, powdered egg shells, kelp meal, baby cereal and umm, well thats about all...

What I would like to do is combine the dry/concentrated amendments into a 'mix' that I can use to add to the soil, bulk as needed and to recharge used soil, kind of like a super soil starter mix. Im just not good about what ratios to use. If this is a bad idea just let me know but measuring out amendments over and over seems like a lot of unnecessary work....

For a base I mixed
4 gal black cow Wal-Mart 25lb bag
1 gal crushed hardwood biochar
3 gal vermiculite
4 gal peatmoss
5 gal rabbit manure/ worm comp
3.5 gal fine coir hydrated

Im low on perlite right now so I havent added that yet, thinking I will add about 5 gallons of it? I get it in 4cf bags so I can add as much as necessary easily, depending what suggestions I get. Also I have A LOT of crushed DE, which is similar to perlite in texture but more porous and heavier, not sure how much of that to add I guess.

So other than what Ive mixed I guess I have basically a blank slate. As stated above Id like to mix the more concentrated fertilizers together based upon some sort of ratio, and then add that to the soil at a specific ratio of 'mix' / gallon. Also if the ratio's in my base are off, I can adjust that easily also, adding more coir or vermiculite or whatever.

Thanks for any help from experienced organic growers...
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Been growing organic for a long time (early 90s)it appears that you do what you need to make a good soil definitely one with a high n content ,how long do you plan to cook you're soil an I would suggest measuring out your ingredients until you have an idea how each one affects your soil ,also a mix for photos could be a lil hotter than auto mix .i started out with just a cheap organic soil base an over the years added things to it as I could see the plants needed it ,kept it pretty simple but overtime as I experiment it's definitely gotten better an more complete .
Im mixing this up primarily for use next year, but it will start getting cold here in about a month and will be kept in a heated garage @ 35f through the winter. Most of it will be used next spring/summer..
well all you really do is this. you take a recipe ,say the revs or Subcools or any similar recipe and essentially make that with a few improvements and of course taking away a few items with siome recipes such as the revs for example,but adding other stuff like Bokashi and some extra lime and bulb and bloom granules to make it simple. and straw is fine but if the soil isnt as active over the winter you could lock up some of the N and aggressive grow and veg ratio or your soil. straw is similar to leaves ,in that, it takes up amounts of the N in your soil and wont release it fully until its almost fully broken down.I like to use a small workout mat or similar and a heating or seedling mat kept at the lowest which is usually around 70 degrees F.. or even just a mat insulated from the floor with said mat,. 50-60 degrees plus any cooking so it'll stay warm enough to continue compopsting instead of doing the slow work of a cold composting.