1. theBroGro

    Second light with TS 1000 (80cm x 80cm x 180cm)

    Hey guys, so for some reason I thought it'd be a good idea to slap a 3rd plant under a TS1000, all are popping up nicely and all, but I'm thinking I may end up needing more light. Like double more. Or at least TS 600 more. I know a second TS 1000 would be just easy to go with, but what about...
  2. E

    Lighting Underwater XPH70 LED Build

    Idea is to build an underwater light for a boat. Basically I want to create my own version of this: is external) I need help with the driver selection. Constraints: Battery Voltage Source = 12v battery (assuming...
  3. Discoloration


    Should I be worried about the discoloration on just one on them. Personally I think it from her having cooler temps at night 64F {18C} or could it be from my lights it a HLG 600 Rspec it does have a dimmer switch I have it set 70% not sure there's no % on it so I am going by all way to the right...
  4. Carecrab

    Manage heat.

    Hey ya'll, first time noob here! I have just setup my first tent ever. It's a 2x2x4,5 with a 250w hps and cooltube. I also have a carbon filter and a tt-100 fan and using a passive intake (vent on the side of the tent) I've connected it like this: Filter--Fan--duct--cooltube--duct out on the...
  5. O

    HLG 135 V2 RSpec Hanging Questions

    Hey guys, first time grower using a 135w v2 rspec quantum board Do you all have any suggestions for hanging height and power settings for this light from seed to harvest? I want to get the settings right by affecting the hanging height more than the dimming if possible but I’m open to...
  6. S

    More light or more plants???

    What's up AFN. I recently purchased a larger tent and will be running more light for my next grow. I have a 5x5 tent and 4 3500k cobs from I have seen most people recommend running one light per plant, but I am wondering if it would be better to run 2 cobs per plant? My question...
  7. A

    First time grower, Grow kits and seeds

    Hi, So recently I’ve been amused with Autoflower seeds and I’ve been wanting to give it a go for quite some while. I haven’t really done this before so I’m not really experienced. Well just to start of I want to know if you guys have any recommendations on any grow kits that are ideal for me...
  8. VonBraun

    Lighting Auto COB vs Optic 1 COB vs MarsHydro Reflector 48

    If you had a choice to use only one, which one would it be?
  9. rlsachs2003

    Lighting Grow light recommendations

    Looking for light ideas for a 4 by 4 tent that won't break the bank. I have looked at so many lights and reviews I have drove myself crazy. I will be running a 6inch 440cfm fan, heat output of lights wont be an issue. I have looked into cob lights but being my first grow trying not to go...
  10. J

    Grow Room 1200 Watt

    Hi, im going to do my first grow and im woundering about my light setup for my room. I got a space of 160 cm x 78 cm x 240 cm Im planing to grow 10 autoflowers in 15 L smart pots. The lights im planing to use is 2x 600 W HPS with a digital ballast that have 4 different settings, 50, 75, 100%...
  11. BustCase

    Running seeds 12/12 no veg

    Hi all! Bit of a dilemma.. I am curious if anyone has ever done a whole auto grow under 12/12 from day one? Wondering if it would be ok to just throw an auto or two in the flowering room to veg while some reg strains were finishing off. Then when the reg ones come out the autos will be mid...
  12. pop22

    Lighting Green Light Drives Leaf Photosynthesis More Efficiently than Red Light in Strong White Light:

    I've known for a while the the idea that green light was not used by plants to be false. However, little did I or most other expect to see these results. Information is from: Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo...
  13. Daipot

    New Grower T5 lighting

    Evening all. I've been giving thought into turning a disused cupboard into a propergation/seedling room so I can obviously prep future grows before they go in the big tent. I have been pricing it up and I've found a good deal on T5 lights. The question I have is; are these lights any good and...
  14. SpaceGod

    New Grower Lighting Questions

    Hello AF community! Good chance you will be seeing me around here quite frequently. So being completely new to growing I have a question that probably has a simple answer. I am buying grow lights that work for Veg and Bloom but i dont know how many watts I actually need, 300w, 1000w, what is the...
  15. D

    New Grower Stupid question

    i got one really stupid question, i was thinking if autoF. dont need 12/12 for flowering, can they be grown under the bloom light only??
  16. max holloway

    Lighting lighting for veg state

    Hi guys im Max and im new around here, i've grown few time and this is the second time i grow autos. i have a 250W HPS\MH light (its a dual). first time i grew a jack herer auto, the yield wasnt amazing (about 24g) but it was good shit. i came across this info that autos prefer blue spectrum...
  17. Baba Kushy

    New Grower First Grow Journal

    Hi, this is my first time growing Autos. I have just germinated 2 NL Cheese AF ordered from the "Ministry of Cannabis". I have a 2ft x 2ft x 3ft height grow box. Going to use a 70% happy frog soil and 30% perlite mix as my medium. As of now I have four 24W 6400k, 2000Lumens Fluorescent tubes in...
  18. Dr. Babnik

    New Grower Going at ebay auctions.

    Let's see what I can get out these bids. I won 6 led strips for £0.99 + £15 p&p. I am bidding on a lot of led lamps
  19. Dr. Babnik

    Lighting Cfl vs led

    Hi, all! Good morning from 55 degrees North. Brother @2Stoned2Care recommends led. I listen to people who knows more than me. I am a student still. Led is expensive and I have large 250W cfl bulbs. I would be very thankful if you guys would disuss the two light sources. I consider another...
  20. Frankidelics

    Indoor The Adventures of Frankie's Auto Cab!

    Hey guys, I figured out it'll be easier just to have a single thread for the different strains I am growing at the same time. Some would call what I do a 'perpetual grow' I suppose but well, nothing's eternal ;) Only autos. Here is a summary of the current state of the 3 Fastbuds I am growing...