mars hydro led's

  1. EvilScotsman

    New Grower grams per watt LED

    Right troops, i have a question. in general the idea is to aim for a gram per watt with hps. im using 2x600w LED (2x 250true watt) in a 1mx1xm tent and growing 2x dp auto ultimate. now, when using a 250 true watt LED advertised as 600w as its a replacement for 600w hps. should i expect around...
  2. KapScot

    New Grower Indoor Newbie Advice Request - 2 x Mars Hydro 300

    URGENT question… 2 x Mars Hydro 300's - To buy or politely say not suitable for me? Apologies if this is a bit long winded… hey it's late… I'm stoned (created an essay) I'm usually an outdoor grower, but this year built a small growbox to give outdoor girls a 3-4 week starter in what is an...
  3. dominguez

    New Grower 1st vogaye - 1xbrrybmb 1xthcbmb 2xsensi super skunk

    Hello, people! I'm a complete newbie to the world of growing, but I hope you'll join me on my journey to cultivating my own medicine. I will be using a 300w Mars hydro LED, coco coir set up in a 1x1x2 tent. The strains that I have gone for are, 1x thc bomb, 1x berry bomb, 2 sense super skunks...
  4. ShapeShift

    Lighting Mars II 400w users, show me your ladies!

    Hey all! Currently looking at purchasing a Mars II 400w w/5w chips. I will be adding it to my 60x60x150cm tent, which currently has a 300w old style Mars w/5w chips. Please give me your feedback if you've had experience with this light, post your photos, grows, thread. Hoping to have 2-3...
  5. Mossy

    MarsHydro Live Section

    Just to Remind everyone Tina from Marshydro will be joining us on AFN from tomorrow..1st March. She will be the first Vendor in the new Market Place section. Market Place is a Sales and Marketing forum..something New to AFN. The Market Place section will be...