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Jan 2, 2011
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Just to Remind everyone Tina from Marshydro will be joining us on AFN from tomorrow..1st March.
She will be the first Vendor in the new Market Place section.

Market Place is a Sales and Marketing forum..something New to AFN.

The Market Place section will be moderated by me and the Global Mod Team.

There will be an Absolute Zero tolerance policy on and Flam..Spam..Bullying or Trolling.

Please Read the revised forum rules for the Market Place section before posting in it.

We Hope this will be a great Service for our members...:tiphat:..Enjoy..
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Marshydro are New to AFN although a lot of AFN members use their LED units.

Mars will be providing two of their LED units for Senior staff members to Live Test in this section.

The staff will provide a weekly update over a full grow and an Honest Review of the Mars LED's overall performance.

This will be Live Time..results as we go along..But..if anyone is Interested..we have two Trusted members of the AFN family that have already bought and Tested their own Mars LED's.

Torched..a long term member and friend has had his Mars unit for over 2 years..and GoAuto6 has run his two units for 6 months.. Both were Happy to Endorse them.

Both will be happy to give you an Honest Opinion on them..Neither were Sponsored...:tiphat:

Cool beans. Just went to their website and im getti g errors and it wont load? Mars hydro is right? Or did they change it.
Jumping up shouting 3D.gifwhere's Tina...........long time no see..........lookout.jpg
Mossy You can add me as Satisfied Customer too. Loving my MarsHydros and will soon add some more, but first some new Tents.