1. R Wayne

    Mephisto Genetics Skywalker Review

    SKYWALKER by Mephisto Genetics This was another easy plant to grow that did autoflower. It took well to Fox Farm Ocean Forest and adding dry amendments though out the grow. This cultivar was a 65% indica 35% sativa hybrid and stayed pretty short. The internodal spacing was short as well and...
  2. JustAnotherN3rd

    SOS. What is happening??

    First time grower, and I’m attempting trying to get this guy back to his gloriousmess. Here’s some background info: Growing site: Outside Location: Richmond, VA Strain: Skywalker OG (Auto) Age: 9 weeks (63 days) Soil: Ocean Forest & Happy Frog 50/50 mix. I try to not overwater. pH of the soil...
  3. Virginiaponics

    Mephisto Genetics Topped and spread Mephisto Skywalker to be crossed Day 24

    She uh, accepts training, quite well, its almost like rubber at first, then when you set it it stays, great training characteristic on this skywalker , excited to cross it with my auto cookies for some sky cookies, should be a nice early training boost for the cookies, and a nice potency...
  4. thedailydose

    New Grower 1st attempt at COCO (brick) grow!

    ----- SET UP: tent: 2x2x55" grow tent lights: autocobs 3500k (x2)(no reflectors) by @BigSm0 ill be adding/decreasing lights when the cold/heat allows! light schedule: 20/4 intake: passive exhaust: ac infinity cloudline s4 fan (upgraded from a...
  5. Skywalker main cola mid-trim

    Skywalker main cola mid-trim

    do I really need to say more? I wish I could get a couple more of these, and see if they get bigger under my new Quantums.
  6. Skywalker side cola mid-trim

    Skywalker side cola mid-trim

    I almost couldnt stop taking photos of her.
  7. Skywalker main cola pre-trim

    Skywalker main cola pre-trim

    this was the central cola. Even though she was tiny, she still took some of the best photos out of all my autos that round
  8. Skywalker Side Bud

    Skywalker Side Bud

    This was one of the side cola tips. You could barely tell the difference, but these were just a LITTLE shorter.
  9. Skywalker, full body shot

    Skywalker, full body shot

    She was very small, but my GoODNESS were those buds sticky. It was like there was no room for stem. It was one solid bud from about 2'' away from the main stem.
  10. Zzackgrowz

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto Adventure 2 : No Till

    Hi autogrowers, I’m new to this community and autos (I’ve only grown 4 and none that successfully) and would love any advice / suggestions. Running a 4x4 tent with a diy QB 4x288 V2 setup. I went with the atreum boards and also have a small strip setup hanging in the middle for extra coverage...
  11. Lysergik_kid

    Indoor Lysergik's 4th Grow - Sour Livers + Skywalker Mephisto

    Hey guys and gals, this website help me do my first grow exactly a year ago.. I learned a lot since than.. still a noob but I'm a LEARNING noob.. Strains: Sour Livers and Skywalker Medium: 3 gal cloth with Biobizz light mix Light : Mars 300 and just added a 50 watt COB LED cheap Chinese version...
  12. Tyler_Durden88

    OLD REVIEWS Skywalker by mephisto

    Good overall strain I did LST and grew one in coco coir and soil. Both grew very similar. The coco one had better trich coverage and odor after the cure. Decent potency like most all mephisto strains. Only downside is yield. Averaged only around 1 1/2 ounces per plant so I wont be growing it...
  13. mohawk warrior

    Outdoor Mo Grows...

    lookin like we are runnin 2 skywalker autos, 2 different photo's of the kush variety via cali... and I threw 6 seeds in water just now from last years concoctions ... should be nice... plus I owe a dinafem ... so I may drop a blue kush also... I took the hanging tomato thing from last year and...
  14. McDee

    Grow Mediums What is the latest day you can fim?

    I have 2 Sour Bubblin Crack, 2 Skywalker, and 2 Grape Crinkle. 17-20 days sbc's starting 5th node, 1 skywalker is deformed other is starting 4th node, and GC's on 4th nodes. Thing is they are small look good but small. 3gal fabric pots in coco. Grape Crinkle looks little weird like leaf lettuce...
  15. McDee

    Grow Mediums When should I start using bud ignitor?

    Should I start using as soon as preflower show? I have read that you should wait until week 5-6 to start bloom nutrients should start it then? Wanted to veg as long as I can. This is my 2nd grow, 1st coco, and 1st with mephisto. They are little small at least I think did crop kings 1st grow they...
  16. Roasty McToasty

    Grow Mediums Roasty Tries to Rock Some Autopots!

    Hello good Autopotters, I am awaiting a delivery of a new setup (should be here tomorrow). Went with a 4 pot setup, but will probably start with just 2, as I need room to finish some Hempy's that are going. Then stagger the other 2 later, although I might need a 2nd res to pull that off. I also...
  17. gbd

    Mephisto Genetics Skyrone Stomper grown by Magic

    I had the pleasure of meeting Magic some days ago, and gifted him a few Skyrone Stomper (Tyrone Stomper x Skywalker) beans. He let me catch up with one of the full grown ladies before she gets sacrificed to the Canna Gods, and damn does she look and smell spectacular! Super fuely and earthy...
  18. nizmoKush

    Mephisto Genetics Nizmo's mephisto wonderland

    Just got my recent order from mephisto got 2x hubbabubba's 2x white crack And I still have left from before 3x Skywalker 1x white chem I will be growing 3 seeds a hubba, skywalker for the vault comp, and a white crack all outdoors in fabric pots. The hubba will be in a 5 gallon dirt pot I...
  19. nudger361976

    Mephisto Genetics Nudger's Mephisto Mayhem - 1 HeisenHound and 2 Luke Skywalkers - Conservatory style

    Nudger's Mephisto Mayhem! Conservatory style and outdoors. LED's have melted so really no other option! 1 HeisenHound 2 Skywalker's DNA Mills Ultimate Soil (100% Natural) Amended with - Alfalfa Powder Bat Guano Insect Frass Calcified Seaweed Bone Meal Neem Powder Volcanic Rock Dust...
  20. Ronin

    Mephisto Genetics Skywalker- Artisanal Automatics

    Welcome to my Mephisto Genetics Artisanal Automatics Skywalker grow:pass: I'd again like to thank Mitch @mephisto for the opportunity to grow these out before the official release.:worship: It is an honor Sir.:toke: The story of the work that @mephisto has put into this strain can be found...