1. OttoCBD

    Dinafem Dinafem White Widow XXL in a 1 Gallon, Hand-Watered Ebb & Flow

    The following post has been edited to reflect the plans that changed at the last moment Thanks to @Dinafem-Mark, I'm able to experiment with a one gallon, hand-watered ebb & flow system. Up until last night, I didn't plan on starting this grow for another 5 or 6 weeks but with temperature being...
  2. OttoCBD

    Indoor CBD Crack in Drip/RDWC

    Since the inspiration and motivation for this grow (my first indoor in over 20 years) came from the simplicity of TaNg's now legendary schedule, I thought it would only be right to share the grow here. Those of you familiar with TaNg's schedule know that I'll be using AN nutes. I've tweaked the...
  3. loftgrowsoldier

    Indoor Gntelos8 loft grow

    20190630_140656 by loftgrowsoldier posted Jul 7, 2019 at 8:37 PM Start of first grow in loft, left plant is RQS bubble kush and 2 on right Dinafem whitewidow(ignore plants in orange pots!) Tent-.80x.80x160cm black orchid. Light- Gntelos0008 6inch extraction and 4inch intake. Soil-tropic batmix...
  4. Eddie smalls

    Help for sick mephisto.

    Good morning fellow AFN members , from the uk , in need of some of your expertise with my yellowing mephisto. SET UP - 1.2x1.2x6.0 tent, 6”filterand rvk, 3x 250w invisiblesun led, Temps 27-29 Humidity 40 Plants - 2 ghost tooth 45 days , 4 port Stilton 45 days , 2 fotgoton strawberry 45 days ...
  5. Eddie smalls

    Live Stoners High to all AFN ROCKS

    Hi to everyone at AFN . Newbee grower , long time Toker. Cannot believe it’s took me 30years to grow me own , but here we are, better late than never . Been looking in for about a year and learned so much , time to take the plunge and join in . Two thirds trough second grow with some mephisto...
  6. Frank Rizzo

    Mephisto Genetics MBAP and 3BOG on TANG’s feed schedule.

    2 MBAP and 2 3BOG using 5 gallon bags in hp promix with mycorrhizae. There is a 5th 3BOG in a clear solo cup that popped with her sister in the same pot (accidental) and so I transplanted it for shits and giggles. The 3 bigger ones are day 20 and the smaller ones day 10. This will be my second...
  7. Nonamemicgee

    Grow Mediums No names coco grow multi strain hps.

  8. Vlada

    Lighting Optimim grow space for 1 HS1?

    Planing on making new grow box and space awailable is 50 with 55cm. Height around 170-180. Do you think one HS1 would give optimum light for this space? And if I would benefit by adding one extra light with similar perfotmance of HS1 (once GN realise new light with similar wattage as HS1 had)...
  9. BlueDream

    New Grower EaSy Schedules

    hi all i take it everyone has seen @TaNg feed schedules I've developed this schedule since I've been using the Rebel upgrades in my lights and I've had faster,bigger and stronger bud than before. My tap water has a PH of 7.4 and is magnetised...
  10. Vlada

    Lighting HS1, Northern Lights Sensi Seeds, fem photoperiod

    Hi everybody, Finally I am doing my second try with HS1 light and first one to share with you. First grow space with 1 HS1 was 57cm with 63cm with 180cm, earth from flower shop, Bio Canna fertilizer, didn't measure properly ph as I thought not need with Bio Canna and didn't measure EC - too...
  11. TaNg

    Mephisto Genetics TaNgs Monster Mephisto Thread.

    Hi fellow Mephistonardos (Mephisto aficionados) this thread will have 18-20 Mephisto strains documented in it over the next 12 months, I will be starting and harvesting 2 plants every 40 days once the cycle gets started. All plants will be grown in my 1.2x1.2m room in 15L Airpots, medium will be...
  12. TaNg

    Dutch Passion DP AutoColorado Cookies and AutoBrooklyn Sunrise.

    Ive managed to get my muddy mitts on the new Dutch Passion Autos and the two I wanted to grow first are the AutoColorado Cookies.... "Coming from Colorado with some of the strongest indica-dominant auto genetics we have found so far. This is a USA autoflowering variety combining a delicious...
  13. TaNg

    Lighting TaNgs Flowers 2016.

    This will be my home thread where I post most of my pictures and grows. To start off here's a little porn I have on the go now. White Triangle. Blue Cush.
  14. TaNg

    Old Reviews TaNgs EASY Auto Feeding Schedule.

    Heres a nice easy feeding schedule with very few ingredients that can grow big plants...... all you will need is a good light soil mix,I've developed this with Plagron Light so that's what I would suggest, a reasonable water supply, mine is PH7.4 and EC 0.4 most tap water will be around this...
  15. TaNg

    Lighting TaNgs StarRyder and Auto Frisian Dew.

    Hi guys I started these a couple of weeks ago, both DP autos...a StarRyder and a Auto Frisian Dew. My last StarRyder had a lovely pink hue when finished and the Frisian Dew should colour so it could be a pretty bloom. Set up is.... 15L Aipots. Plagron Light soil. Advanced Nutrients. First 40...
  16. TaNg

    Lighting GN HS1 Wall of Fame.

    I thought the HS1 deserved its own Wall of fame, throw up pics of your HS1 grown plants. Here's a few of mine... BlackBerry Kush. Auto Euforia. Chemdogging, flowered under HS1. Chem City Blues, flowered under HS1. Blue Velvet. Blue Velvet. Night Queen.
  17. TaNg

    Mephisto Genetics Ain't nothin but a Sour Hound.

    Well two actually lol 1 popped it's head up today and I'm sure the other is close behind. Both are in 15L Airpots filled with Plagron Light soil,I will feed one my usual Advanced Nutrients schedule and the other will get the eco schedule the a White Train is getting in this thread...
  18. TaNg

    Lighting TaNgs DP Auto BlueBerrys under GN HS1s.

    Visiting an old favourite here,I've not grown Auto BlueBerry in quite a while so I'm excited to see how they like the HS1s.....I'm expecting a lot of trichomes in bloom. Set up is 2-3 HS1s,two 15L Airpots,Plagron Light soil and advanced nutrients. The 2 plants will be fed different...
  19. TaNg

    Live Stoners Live Dabbers Thread.

    If your dabbing it up let us know. We wanna see oils,waxes,shatter,sift,hash the lot,did you make it,buy it etc.....we also wanna see those rigs and tools. I will kick it off as I'm enjoying a garden sesh.
  20. TaNg

    Mephisto Genetics TaNgs Strains,Trains and Autoflowers.

    Usual set up guys.....15L Airpots filled with Plagron light and fed Advanced Nutrients,lights are 2 MS0006 Hybrids buy that may change in a few weeks. Environment will be kept between 26-28 daytime and dropping to low 20s during lights off,lighting schedule is 20hrs on 4hrs off. Strains will...