1. BII

    In Soil: Use RO or Tap Water?

    If growing in soil and having the option of watering/feediing with either RO/DI or tap water (containing normal amounts of minerals/salts, aerated over night to 'dechlorinate'), which is best, recommended? Other than watching and if needed treating for Ca and/or Mg deficiencies (or simply...
  2. B

    First grower: Watering auto after end of week 2?

    Hello, Forum! Very first time grower here with a very first post and quesrion. I have been reading forums and watching videos for the past month almost constantly to educate myself. However, I am a bit confused how to proceed next. For watering I use bottled water, stabilized at pH 7 (+/- 0.5)...
  3. theBroGro

    First grow help, Week 1, stretch and Seedling droopy? (New pic)

    Hey again! I might be bit over eager, but I'm yearning to learn more every day. I've gotten myself to the seedling stage, Day 3, happy times :biggrin: Got 2x RQS Sherbert Queen automatic in 11l (3gal) fabric pots. I was thinking of doing a diary too, but first.. I've only used pH'd water...
  4. J

    Soil not drying out?

    *This is my first post on AFN so I apologize if I formatted incorrectly. I have four seedlings that are on day 13 that I put into solo cups to get started and I think they are running into issues. Let me take you from the very top so you get the full picture: I soaked the beans for 24hours and...
  5. Newtoautogrow

    First time watering before planting

    Hi everyone need some help... So Im growing autos in 22 liter air pots with light mix soil with added perlite.. Ive pre watered the pots with 5 liters of water @6.5... Its my first time trying by his method so i'm abit sceptical... The soil seems abit compact.. (watered with watering can and...
  6. F

    Got some questions

    Hi guys, i'm a first time grower and i'm planning to grow 1 bubble kush, 1 royal jack, and one royal dwarf (all 3 autos from rqs). My starting equipment is 3 gallons smart pots, coco coir, perlite, biobizz light soil, ph modifier, organic boost and starter kit from rqs. I was planning to grow...
  7. Carecrab

    Germinate in soil.

    Hello fellow tomato growers! I'm new to this forum and I've been reading tons of information about autoflowers and growing in general. But there's one thing I cant seem to wrap my head around when it comes to germinate straight into the final pot. Some people advice you to pre flush the medium...
  8. S

    DIY Low profile adapters for drip halos, irrigation

    Found 2 nice way to use the little drip regulators instead of the super annoying ball valves. No glues or anything used and this stuff is all from Home Depot. I’m using the 2 gph’s here but I’m thinking after running them a few days I’ll be going to 3.3 or 4gph. I thought of the second way using...
  9. Newtoautogrow

    New grow.. Watering question

    So this is my 5th or so grow and prob my last if I mess it up.. Again.. Ive always seemed to over water.. And then get lock out and just end up with buds that look bad and don't smell great.. I'm using 5gal air pots with palgron light mix soil... My question is how much do I water a seedling...
  10. Newtoautogrow

    How much water to give autos

    Sup people my plants are about 2 weeks old in 20 liter pots... Currently I'm watering a small bit every day.... But I'm not sure if that's the best way ... So my question is how much water should I be giving and how often?
  11. Crazydiamond

    Another confused newb (Dimamed auto) watering? Light burn?

    Hi fellow auto growers. Affraid to say, weeks of reading and watching videos and now I'm even more confused than when I 1st started. My girls are around 12 days since they broke surface. Growing in Coco coir under LED At first I had a 125w HPS and they were a little leggy so ordered a 800W...
  12. puffy

    Grow Mediums Best easy auto watering system for two trays

    So, not quite sure where to put this thread, but since the heading said "irrigation" I'll put it here. I plan to grow 18+ plants sog style in 2litre growbags in a tent. I don't want the worry and cost about setting up 18+ separate dripfeeds, so I plan to do it somewhat different. I use a very...
  13. E

    Pot design techniques for water retention in low rain guerrilla grow?

    Pot design techniques for water retention in low rain guerrilla grow? Hey AFN crew, Need your expert outdoor and guerrilla experience. In the tropics, about to start a guerrilla after rainy season. Main thread is here...
  14. WeedNoob

    Grow Mediums Watering plants using arduino :)

    Hey everybody, I'm about to get started an arduino project that should make eve thing automatic. I will start from the watering system. As soon as I will get eve thing sorted I will share all the details with you guys of course :) My biggest problem at the moment is to figure out what are the...
  15. Slater

    Grow Mediums Watering times, frequency's, schedule etc. discussion

    Welcome to the Watering times, frequency's, schedule etc. discussion Been meaning to get this thread going for bit and open up this discussion. Try and get the information all in one place, help for the newbies and for me to get better understanding of how every one approaches this... recently...
  16. gringuito98

    Indoor Watering on soil for beginners or those with problems

    Do you have a green thumb? If your answer is yes, you can stop reading right here .... For others, like myself, the proper watering on soil can be a big issue, especially using a big (final) pot from the start on. Growers without a vast experience or without the green thumb often feel a bit...
  17. T

    Live Stoners PEN INK!!!!

    So I was watering with ff big bloom for the first time did my usual (1.5 gal per plant) I dunk a 1 gal jug in a 10 gal white bucket, usually I use blue but I needed it for a plant so this time I got to see how the nutes mix in well on the 4th dunk I noticed a blackness in the mixing in the water...
  18. KenBacon

    Beginners questions before first grow

    Hi everyone, I have been transfixed as of late with growing my own cannabis, and after reading lots on the internet, I decided to create this tread with some questions I have before starting my very first grow. I will try to give as much info on what I plan to do,and hopefully some of the...
  19. AppleFritter

    Watering twice daily vs. once daily with Roots Original

    What is the consensus regarding these routines? Is it better for a plant to get a more frequent watering, say once every 12 hours, or is it better to have one long wet period 24 hours? I am not watering to run off
  20. IceWater421

    Grow Mediums First time Coco run

    hey afn was hoping you guys could answer a few questions for me . I will start by saying I'm in 3gallon coco pots using advanced sensi grow coco and bloom line with additives . With hps and led . My question is do you guys feed every watering or do like a feed /water/ feed etc . I'm also using...