1. Antonio_DutchPassion

    Dutch Passion Autoflower Grow & Show 2022 - Auto Mimosa Punch + Auto Trichomes & Cream

    Hi fellow growers, smokers, stoners and weed lovers! :ladies: We have set up a new Grow & Show with some of our newest autoflower genetics, you've probably seen it in the title already these are the two cultivars ; Auto Mimosa Punch and Auto Trichomes & Cream Although it was a bit more...
  2. B

    Week 7 day 44

    Man has this been a learning curve, so many things have gone wrong and well some have gone sooo wrong that they might actually be alright. So for my first time grow I have two amnesia haze auto flowers,1 I low stress trained fairly light and one I accidentally topped while lst. Ended up 2...
  3. AMG

    Dutch Passion Dutch Passion - AutoUltimate - AMG

    Hey guys :welcome: Here i will document when i grow Dutch Passions AutoUltimate in DWC (Deep Water Culture). I will be using new powerfull LEDs and a HUGE bucket in my attempt to grow a record-breaking-autoflower! At the moment im gathering all the equipment i think i need to succeed. And...
  4. Double Grape week 5

    Double Grape week 5

    Double Grape week 5, canopy is filling in great. Bud sites becoming very noticeable full of bright white pistils. Done bending any tops for the most part. I will only pull on shoots here and there to spread bud sites out a little along with some defoliation.
  5. 4 days after topping at day 19.  New tops are starting to grow nice.  I started lst.

    4 days after topping at day 19. New tops are starting to grow nice. I started lst.

  6. Double Grape week 3, topping this week on Day 15

    Double Grape week 3, topping this week on Day 15

    Mephisto Double Grape week 3. Growing so fast. Topped at day 15. I usually don’t top until day 21. I will start lst in a few days when the new tops start growing. I will lst new tops and lower shoots.
  7. Double Grape - Mephisto week 1

    Double Grape - Mephisto week 1

    Double Grape - week 1 Topping at day 14. Will begin lst a few days after.
  8. G

    First outdoor guerrilla grow

    Hello, i want to do my first grow. I cant do it indoors or around the house because i don't live alone... I was thinking about a guerrilla grow somewhere in the woods. I live in the mediterranean climate (Europe), we almost never have snow in the winter. (and even when there is snow, its barely...
  9. K

    autoflower day 47 still stretching normal?

    hello guys its my first time growing auto plants so, i decide to make it DWC in a 3 Lt bottle. WHITE YODA AUTO - Semillas de Philosopher but, it still growing like 1" in 20 hrs. it's in 24hrs light. https://www.philosopherseeds.com/en/white-yoda-auto-p-126.html
  10. IMG_3764.JPG


    This is the same bud as the previous CDFC photo. I did a complete trim before i took this one, and you can see the bud color a little better now. It always amazes me once im done trimming them, what the flowers look like without all those leaves. She did have a TON of leaves, and took 4ever to trim.
  11. Fitzy

    Live Stoners Where do we think breeding will go and how will cannibis as a species will look

    Seen some pics and a movie on how some of the best pot in the 60s and such had real loose bud formations and some didnt even look like bud it looks like the saddest larf u ever saw, compaired to now we got buds dense enuff to through at a window and break it. I would love to see some breeders...
  12. T

    Grow Mediums Looking for advise from fellow growers for my second run

    Hi guys. I'm looking for advise on how to go about my second run, because I followed a pretty concrete plan for the first. I am about to harvest my first run in a few days after I finish flushing. Growing in Coco Coir. I have the three feminized seeds left from CropKing that I ordered(blue...
  13. F

    New Grower First ever grow, 7 Polar Express Auto's Outdoors

    OK, so I done my live intro and was greeted by some of you (will link to intro) and made to feel welcome in the AFN Community. So yeah first ever cannabis grow, I have grown many types of veg and herb and flower in my back garden but never cannabis. So for my first grow I've stuck 2 Polar...
  14. NostraDonovus

    Live Stoners I am NostraDonovus, a Cannabis Crusader. I detest the fact that Cannabis is illegal

    In the pond there are some lotuses which stand above the water and although their roots feed, they do not touch the water. Some other lotuses have met the waters' surface and some are still below the water.
  15. T

    Live Stoners Smoking in Greece!

    Hi all I''m going to Greece for a holiday this month with the wife and kids, first time there which is awesome but also first time in 12 years we're going somewhere where I cannot bring or easily buy weed!! So I am stressing out! Does anyone know how easy is it to find? Or what are the general...
  16. Ripper

    Lighting Rippers full tent

    I have started a grow in a 5x5 tent. The tent will be outfitted with 15 4 foot grow bars from Vividgro. Each bar draws 30 watts so 450 watts total. The color spectrum is 4000k. A little info on the lights Powerful, light-weight and energy efficient with extremely low heat, the new Grobar™ is...
  17. iWumbo

    Indoor durrty dragon 1 gallon torture test

    hello afn peoples I'm planning a torture test for the duurty dragons I want to see how resilient they are I plan on messing with light cycles and giving hefty amounts of cheap veg+bloom nutrients to see feed tolerances and any tendices to hermie should come thru if that light cycles mess up a...
  18. iWumbo

    Do these look healthy

    Problem: Twisted looking leafs on seedlings and yellowing tips on older growth of clone Medium/grow method: fox farms ocean forest for the seedlings and some 99 cent store soil for the clone Feed: and supplements used: no feed or nutes used water source: bottled r-o water which i think has ph...
  19. iWumbo

    Extraction Medicated Oranges

    Hello all stoned chef here lol, today I'm share recipe for medicated chocolate oranges... Okay let's start of with ingredients needed: Oranges, Sugar, Milk-dark chocolate , wax or shatter or hash, knife , pot , water , ice , bowls #1Okay step one. Get water in a pot and start boiling it . Then...
  20. iWumbo

    F1 Hybrid Vigour

    Hello all . May someone shed some insight on this Time course imaging of two maize inbreds and their F1 hybrid (middle) exhibiting heterosis. Heterosis, hybrid vigor, or outbreeding enhancement, is the improved or increased function of any biological quality in a hybrid offspring. The...