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May 4, 2021
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Since I've only found a thread asking about them and none showing actual grows I thought I'd start one. I've grown their ak47 auto and have 2 amnesia haze autos running currently. The ak47 is chopped and curing, looks and smells great. Has a sour citrus smell with some skunky undertones. One amnesia haze pheno is a little shorter yet still tall, and has a peppery or spice nose to it. The other pheno has been going faster but still on day 85, smells more skunky and sour. Here's the ak47 jarred and curing, got around 3.7oz(.2oz being trim) 20210508_070945.jpg20210419_144118.jpg20210424_230019.jpg1619152492673.jpg1619152343620.jpg

Here's the amnesia haze autos. The shorter of the 2 got stunted from nute lockout/salt buildup. Slowly recovering and catching up. Still hopeful for her though. The buds seem to be about 2 weeks behind the bigger girl.

I've seen quite a few grows on Instagram and Facebook but nothing here. I've heard they source their seeds from elsewhere but the strains seem to be true to name. The amnesia haze is acting very sativa dominant and resembles some expert seeds amnesia haze photoperiods I've grown in the past. I've not dealt with Ak47 personally but a close friend grew it back in the early 00's and said it's a close resemblance. I'd love to hear others thoughts or see some grows!
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