2nd attempt

Mar 12, 2021
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Hey, after my first grow I’ve had time to sit think and smoke, looking to start again with some adjustments learned from the previous attempt.
gonna grow in bio bizz light mix using bio bizz nute range. Has anyone got a schedule that’s worked for them growing autos in this medium and nute range? More tips and Tricks the better lol
Also wasn’t happy with the fluctuation on teno in my set up (70cmx70cmx160cm Mars hydro with ts600led).
Anyone recommend a heater etc that’s not gonna break the bank ?
Hey man, you're using exactly what I do. BBLM and nutes.
My simple, and I mean SIMPLE, approach is germ in BBLM and nothing but carefully ph'ed water ( I use Distilled) for 3 weeks.
I use only bio bloom and bio grow throughout the grow...starting with 1/2 ml or less per ltr and adjust according to observed needs. Being conservative I never go over 1ml per ltr and seldom have any issues. Some people wanna push the rope....
That being said, I do grow bonzai style, meaning small pots etc but after 20 years, I've bout got it all dialed in...lol
I also grow everything, autos and photos, together under 5-600w qbs running 12/12. Yeah, I'm a bit different.
Check out autobeast posts about bio bizz....I'm thinking autobeast is a bio bizz fan.
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