Indoor 3rd Times the Charm, right...?


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Mar 24, 2021
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- Tangerine Dream Auto - Growers Choice Seeds

- Topolite 32"X32"X63" Dark Room
- carbon canister filter hanging inside tent
- 4in Exhaust System pumped to outside
- mini humidifier placed inside the tent and set to 65% rh
- mini dehumidifier placed inside tent and set to 70% rh
- 6 inch clip on fan

- Topolight LED called out as 600w - data sheet has it at an actual 240w
- The light is full spectrum with a Veg and a Bloom switch
- Solarcure UVB light, 24" 20w. This will be turned on for 1 hr per day during flower.

- 18/6 with light at about 24 inches

- Rain water collected from roof run off a black rubber roof. Stored in 5gal buckets.
- 6.4 pH adjusted to 6.6 with pH Up.

- Michigan Made Mix soil (0.015-0.033-0.038)

- General Hydroponics Maxigrow and MaxiBloom.
Wont start nutes for a few weeks. Starting at 1/4 dose and working my way up.

- 5 Gal Fabric Pot

- Bluelabs pH Pen
- Quantum PAR Meter

Thanks for checking in! This my third grow and I'm popping the same bean strain as my first 2 runs. I'm hoping to see some improvements in quality and dial in my space and technique. I only do one plant per grow. I got 3oz off my stunted auto last grow and that will last me a LONG time. Check it out here if interested. Other than that, let's make in happen captain.

Popped one bean into water last night and ill let soak for 24hrs. I'll be dropping it in between 2 sheets of TP and I will put that in a light proof container within my tent. I lost a bunch of seeds during my first grow because I couldn't keep the seeds at a contain temp and humidity so I figure the best place is in the tent.


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I'm growing a cross of this right now at day 15, can't wait to see how this one looks compared to your last one.
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Ugh, I'm not sure how long you guys wait during germination before something pops or till you move on but I'm on day 4 and itching for my new girl to start up a tap root. I'm usually a very patient person but I'm itching to get growing again so I just dropped another bean in some water this morning and will add her the paper towel later tonight. I only really want one plant at a time so we'll see how this plays out. Worse case, I'd like to try my luck with a solo cup grow.


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I've had good luck setting the glass with water on top of my router for ~24hrs and then putting the seed into a peat/jiffy pellet. I put that in a plastic germination box and set that on the router as well. I think the heat helps a ton.

If you've got the paper towel in a ziplock you could try setting that on your router to keep it warm. Might speed it up a bit. I don't know how insulated it would be so it might need a layer of cardboard in between so it's not terribly hot, just warmed.
Subbed. Which par meter do you have?
Subbed. Which par meter do you have?


I bought the Quantum Par Meter: it's a portable handheld meter that measures in wavelengths ranging from 400 to 700 nm. It gives me a good item about what's going on.
Whew! Finally back in the game. I was on my last seed after being unsuccessful with my last one so I was a bit nervous. I was really hoping to be able to test what I have learned by growing the same seed batch for a third time in a row. I was having issues with maintaining a steady temp. I dug up an old VHS case and did the wet towel method. I placed the box on top of my tent. With the lights on, it was a steady 80 degrees and worked perfectly. After getting a tiny 1/4 tail, I sent her to the soil. I was finally lucky enough to have it pop yesterday morning. By the evening, the first set of leaves were already poking through. I lowered my light and put some parchment paper over to dull the light down a bit. Running at about 350 mols with both the veg and bloom switches on for now.

When I got nervous that my last Tangie wasn't going to pop, I dropped one of my freebie Mophisto seeds in my germination box. The seed is a Strawberry Nugget X Skywalker. I feel kind of tight on space in the tent so I think I'm going to try a Solo Cup grow with this one. I've never done a solo cup so this should be interesting. I've seen some of the grows by veteran AFN and its insane what they pull off. Hopefully I can make it to the finish line with it.
Look into bottom feeding that solo cup grow or hempy method and it should grow to be a monster in a tiny cup :D i want to try this 1 day when i have space lol
Look into bottom feeding that solo cup grow or hempy method and it should grow to be a monster in a tiny cup :D i want to try this 1 day when i have space lol

Ya, I honestly have no idea what I'm doing with this thing other than working it like a normal grow but more moisture sensitive. I figure it will satisfy my urge to tinker.
The Tangie is growing quick and already showing her second set of leaves. She still pretty short so I guess my parchment paper filter is doing its job. I'm excited, this is the strongest start yet. I'm looking forward to this grow.


Still impatiently waiting for my Strawberry Skywalker to pop. I hope she goes tomorrow because I'm leaving my lights on 24hrs to keep my germination box warm on top of the tent. I have been running 18hr on and 6hr off for my other grows but maybe this is a sign to just run 24hrs.